No Class Warfare?

The Nation and Madison’s own John Nichols, has a great column out about the republican presidential primary, their love for Scott Walker and hatred of unions.

But nowhere is the disdain for organized labor more evident than on the Republican presidential campaign trail. Never in the modern history of the Republican Party, which once made a serious effort to compete with Democrats for labor endorsements and the votes of union members, has a field of GOP presidential candidates been so united and so aggressive in opposing collective-bargaining rights for public-sector and private-sector workers.

Well we know that the economy is down and many places are broke so that we need to knock down the “haves” of public employees down to their private sector counterparts. Things are so bad, Wall St. employees are threatening to quit unless they get record bonuses.

Hold on now, before we start a fundraiser for Wall St. executives,(save your charity for Sean Duffy he needs it), while bonuses may be down, total compensation, which includes salaries, benefits and bonuses, is on track to exceed 2010 levels at seven big banks. I am breathing easier, now that I know the Big Banks, who are job creators and victims, will be paying record bonuses. If anyone deserves it, its them! I mean it’s not like they have needed any help from "the taxpayers" of this country. Oops! Move along, nothing to see here.

We all know that teachers and other public employees, make more than their private sector counterparts. NOT THEM! They don't count they work harder than everyone else in America! I was talking about this part of the private sector. 16 million children living in poverty in the US and teachers have the nerve to think they can have health care AND cable TV? Those greedy bastards. No wonder the right wing ideologues hate our teachers so.

Here are a couple of interesting videos:

Wall St. Bonuses exceed aid to Africa!

Scott Pellys expose on 60 Minutes!

And the crazy liberals like to cry “class warfare” when there is absolutely NO proof of it. EVeryone knows that these families could all be drinking $350 bottles of wine, if they would only work harder!!


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