Penny Sikora Fails to Make the Ballot!

I just got off the phone with the Milwaukee County Election Commission. They verified a rumor I had received, that Mr. Sikora failed to file enough valid signatures to be included on the ballot for the spring elections for County Supervisor from the 18th District.

BTW: It only takes 200 valid signatures…


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23 thoughts on “Penny Sikora Fails to Make the Ballot!

  1. Damn, could’ve easily gotten the 200 at Lena Taylor’s mommas house, wasn’t Bugs or Adolph available? Hell, as long as he uses a valid address he could’ve signed it himself 200 times.
    Penny must not be a liberal.

    1. You’re a funny guy Dbag.

      Can’t wait to hear your jokes when Walker becomes the third governor in American history to be successfully recalled.

  2. I can’t imagine this looks good for Supervisor Marina Dimitrijevic who endorsed Sikora.

    1. Precisely. Sikora was Dimitrijevic’s hand-picked candidate, so this coupled with his other issues certainly tarnishes her “brand” a little bit.

  3. I don’t see how this is any different that Governor Rick Perry and Newt Gingrich not getting enough valid signatures to make the primary in Virginia. Poor campaign planning is poor planning…

  4. If I were Marina Dimitrijevic, I’d be embarrassed by this. I mean, gathering enough signatures to get on the ballot is “campaign management 101.”

  5. I am disheartened to see so many comments not supporting Penny…Penny is an amazing guy, has done great work as the former ATU legislative director, big-brother and mentoring programs, and has been fighting hard for all the issues everyone complains about long before Walker took office. On top of that, if any of you ace newshounds have been paying attention, during the time when nom sigs would normally be getting collected…Penny suffered a HUGE personal tragedy. This is most likely the fault of a volunteer, or a mis-guided campaign staffer, not Penny’s fault. Marina endorsed him because he deserved the endorsement, and if Marina is the amazing person I know her to be, she will continue to stand by her endorsement. And for those of you who like to throw around terms like “wife-beater” and attack Penny based on a largely slanderous story thrown out by someone who wouldn’t even put their real name on it…try c-capping yourselves, your families and your friends…and see what kind of snap judgements you can make about your closest friends and families on-line. And really? Someone who goes by the tag of “anon” wants to make fun of his name? YOu guys are all awesome…why not kick a man while he’s down? Yay.

    1. Angel…I am aware of Penny’s loss and I know that it has been a very trying time for him. And I am very sorry for his loss.

      But it is his name on the campaign…whether it was a volunteer or staffer who is actually at fault…it is the candidate who is ultimately at fault.

      And although the person or persons who emailed the CCAP information out en mass to bloggers, political figures and elected officials used an assumed identity, I don’t for a minute think that the person who handed the information over to El Conquistador was unknown to the publisher.

      Thank you for posting your comments and concerns.

    2. Who here has ever referred to Penny Sikora as a “wife beater?” I challenge you to show me an instance where one of the contributors here called Penny something like that.

      Before you start making accusations, be sure you can back them up. There have been 6 blog entries here at Blogging Blue mentioning Penny Sikora, and not one of them calls him a “wife beater.”

  6. I think the nastiness in most of these comments is absolutely unnecessary. If he didn’t get the signatures, he didn’t. Trying to turn this into a smear campaign against Supervisor Dimitrijevic is also unnecessary. It is what it is, and there is no reason to be ugly about it.

    1. And as Zach said…I have defended Supervisor Dimitrijevic’s right to endorse Mr. Sikora in the same blog that Zach linked above.

      And there is a difference between the contributors and the commenters. Except in extreme cases we don’t censor comments.

  7. Blaming campaign volunteers and staffers for the candidates mistake is pretty stunning.

    Also I am unsure what is “slanderous” about the facts of his record?

    The buck stops with candidates, staffers and volunteers don’t take the fall for the person who was supposed to be on the ballot

  8. no one called him a wife beater in this blog/site or this comment thread. no one is turning this into smearing Penny…they’re just saying his campaign wasn’t ran well. Maybe since he had such a huge personal loss he was unable to notice the mishandling of his campaign which is unfortunate for him. I think the only point being made is it looks kind of bad for a politician who is trying to secure higher offices to endorse a candidate who had such a badly ran campaign before it even got to start. But no one is smearing the supervisor or Penny.

    1. Notice he didn’t defend her endorsement of Sikora; just her right to endorse whomever she chooses.

      There’s a difference, though I wouldn’t expect you to understand that.

    1. Easy Aaron, I’m just pointing out the rather glaring flaws in your attack. Attack all you want – just try to at least have some logic behind your attack.

  9. I wouldn’t characterize it as an attack, Zach. It was more of an observation. Me thinks Ed is holding water for Marina, which is fine. We all have our friends and enemies. But at least admit to it rather than avoid the question of whether Marina had made the mistake of endorsing a delinquent – who apparently doesn’t know what district he was acquiring signatures from – for county supervisor. You took a stand on the issue, but Ed has avoided it like an annoying in-law.

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