Representative Vos Blames UW Cuts on the Poor

Just when you thought Robin Vos couldn’t get any more disgusting, he manages to up his game.  Besides being an unethical slumlord, he’s also never misses an opportunity to blame the poor for the state of the state.  In a discussion of the cuts to the University of Wisconsin system, he fires a broadside at the poor and indigent!

State Rep. Robin Vos (R-Rochester), co-chairman of the Joint Finance committee, said the federal government is at fault for large cuts to the UW System and other state agencies because of a mandate requiring states to avoid cuts in Medicaid. That made cuts to other state agencies worse, he said.

If only we didn’t have to provide healthcare to those damn poor people, we wouldn’t have to cut the funding for education!  Damn you, poor people!  Damn you to hell!!!

Perhaps if you’d get off your lazy ass and start concentrating on jobs in Wisconsin instead of passing useless legislation on guns and the suppression of reproductive rights for women, we wouldn’t have this problem.

To call Vos a scumbag would be an insult to bags of scum everywhere.  Then again, if the bag fits…


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3 thoughts on “Representative Vos Blames UW Cuts on the Poor

  1. Since the Affordable Care Act (Obama Care) could go a long way to remedy this issue, as well as other economic problems, why are GOPers so against it?

  2. I’m starting to see why he got a beer poured over his head…although it was wrong to do that and a waste of the sacred nectar.

    I’m not surprised at the slandering of the poor. This has been a staple of Republican politics forever. What is unique is the smearing of working class families as stupid, lazy, incompetent moochers, which has become part of the Wisconsin Republican mantra and a favorite hate-radio theme. You would have to go back to the Great Depression or the late 19th century to find similar rhetoric in such prolific use.

    Republicans have succeeded in alienating the vast majority of the white Reagan Democrats that they built their northern strategy around. They can amp up the racism and the attack on the poor as much as they want and these workers will not come back into the fold because they are staring at the specter of becoming poor themselves and they understand now who is doing it to them.

    The upshot is that those carefully gerrymandered legislative districts will not work for the Republicans as well as they thought.

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