Run For America – it’s time for progressives to start winning back some majorities!

It’s no secret what my political beliefs are – I’m a proud progressive.

Here in Wisconsin, we’ve got a long, proud tradition of progressive politics, and that’s why it’s been so disappointing to see what Republican elected officials are doing to our state. Whether it’s concealed carry and the Castle Doctrine, the weakening of mining regulations, the revocation of collective bargaining rights for public employees, or the deeps funding cuts to our public education system, Wisconsin’s Republican elected officials have declared all-out war on progressive values, and I say enough is enough!

It’s time we progressives fight for what we believe in, and we can start by helping elect progressives to office. Run for America, a coalition of groups led by Progressive Majority, wants to help get progressive elected to office here in Wisconsin. To date, over 4,000 individuals have signed up nationwide to enter the Run for America candidate training program, but if you’re not interested in being a candidate for office, you can sign up to be a recruiter. If you know some great progressives who’d be equally great elected officials, sign up to be a recruiter!

It’s time we progressives take back Wisconsin, and we can start by identifying those progressives we think would make great candidates and encouraging them to run for elected office.


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