Tea Party Intruders: Kids Edition (Update)

I posted the other day About the Tea Party Intruders, a group of unvetted , anonymous people that the Big government Wisconsin republicans have unleashed on the people of Wisconsin, especially those who signed the recall petitions(as is their Constitutional right)!

The plan is to put every name who signed the petition online then these “tea party” Patriots(its as hard to type as it is to say), will check and double check that all signatures are legit. The problem, as i pointed out, is not only is this a very intrusive way for our government to act, but since the republican party is not vetting the people who sign up – “They know not what they have done.” I also pointed out that if there is any violence, intimidation etc… of any of these people who are “verifying” the signatures against any people who signed the petitions, the Republican Party of Wisconsin(and Scott Walker) will own that violence.

Now they have outdone themselves.

You can verify the recall here with these special instructions:

We have added nearly 10,000 people to our “No Sign Registration” List in the last two days! Keep telling your friends and family members to sign up!

Also keep in mind that you can register the names of your underage (younger than 18 years) children and deceased relatives. Make sure you include YOUR contact information so that we can contact YOU if their names appear on a recall petition.

So they have added 10,000 hard core right wing zealots and not only given them the name and addresses of every person in Wisconsin who signed the petition, now they offered up the names and addresses of all of the underage children in every right wing household in Wisconsin.

Whatever it takes to save Scott Walker I guess! Shame on them!

The ironic thing is even Scott Walker does not agree with what they are doing.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker says he believes petition circulators have enough valid signatures to force a recall election against him, and he wants it to happen sooner rather than later.

Walker told The Associated Press in an interview Wednesday that he has always assumed they would get the 540,000 signatures they need. Circulators turned in about 1 million signatures Tuesday, and Walker says he does not think enough will be invalidated to stop the election.


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20 thoughts on “Tea Party Intruders: Kids Edition (Update)

  1. Thanks, I went to that website and made sure that my name did not appear on any of the petitions as well as those of my wife, who abhors this state of affairs, and all of my grand children.

    I may just sign up to help get those names onto the rolls so they can be verified. We are, after all, pretty close to Chicago and knowing how their politics has an effect on elected democrats and liberals taking precautions and checking names against those on headstones seems like a pretty good thing to do.

    Again, thanks.

  2. The donors of all of the ads that will air endlessly for the next several months will remain anonymous, but the names who signed it will be public knowledge. I am a high school teacher who teaches gov’t classes and have always kept my political views out of my teaching. Most kids think I’m Republican. This may give me an opening to voice my true convictions when they ask me why name is on the petition. As per voter intimidation; name and number are on the page. Please feel free to come by and see me. You may be surprised.

  3. Jim, I take it you did not read my post. These people have opened up the database to everyone. That means when you sign your grandkids up you are exposing them to everyone on the internet.

    The Grandsons of liberty do not know and do not seem to care that anyone including, predators, rapists, identity thieves, etc… can find them online now. Do not blame anyone but them if anything happens because people found your underage kids on the internet. So much for parental controls….

    BB, i agree there are many people that can proitect themselves but what about my neighbor for example is an older single woman. Do you think she needs/wants men calling her house and harassing her about if and why she signed a petition?

  4. Jeff,
    Again, way off base. If you enter your name it goes into a data base to be compared with those signatures and addresses in the petition. That data base, according to the sponsors, is not published and your name is never made public. The data base is used to let computers do what they do best, compare one list to another to see if there is a match. If one is found you are notified via email and it is up to you to rectify the problem.

    1. JIM< You did not read my story. the grandsons of the Tories, want to publish every single name online in a searchable database accessable by everyone. They have a scattered few in every state waiting to help out. That is what is happening...so if you know a woman who is a victim of sexual or physical abuse, they now have to start worrying whether the lunatic that was stalking them before might turn up at their doorstep!

    2. Jim from todays JSonline:

      Ross Brown, founder and president of We the People of the Republic, said Tuesday that some 11,000 volunteers have signed up to help verify signatures and some 4,000 have participated in an Internet training.

      why would they need 11,000 volunteers if all it was is people putting their name into a database to see if there are duplicates? hmmmmmm

  5. Jeff,
    Oh, nice try though. Have you gone over to see your neighbor and have you scared her into not checking to see if you signed her name to the petition?

    1. Jim, remind me again which group of folks (pro-Walker or anti-Walker) engaged in a concerted campaign of violence, intimidation, and harassment against the other during the recall signature collection process.

      1. Zach,

        You are right, several instances of violence have occurred and most of us are rather sick about it. After all, we are not democrats and shouldn’t be acting like them. We are not the people that uses union thug violence to do our bidding and we are not the type of people who ‘occupy the whatever’ where they engage in drugs and sexual violence against women. You will notice that we did not occupy our capitol and leave behind graffiti costing the taxpayers money.

        To call it a concerted campaign, however, is a bit overblown. You are meddling with the term ‘windbag’ when you choose to use those terms. As far as I can discover each of those instances were rather isolated and in no way a ‘campaign’.

        Yes, you are right about those instances and I would join you in impugning those who were responsible.

        1. “We are not the people that uses union thug violence to do our bidding”

          And yet that’s exactly what conservatives have done….they’ve used violence and intimidation to do their bidding.

          As for the term windbag, there’s only one person here to whom that term would apply, and that’s you. Since you’ve first started commenting here, all you’ve done is spew stereotypes and talking points, and I’m tired of it.

          1. Zach,

            When you used the terms violence, intimidation, and harassment referring to what happened to signature gatherers I agreed with you and joined with you to admonish them. What’s the problem?

            My argument was with the term ‘concerted campaign’. Prove to me and those other very few who read your blog that it was indeed a concerted campaign.

            If you cannot, I suggest the term ‘wind bag’ may have some validity.

            1. Prove to me that it wasn’t a concerted campaign.

              If you cannot, I suggest the term “wind bag” definitely has some validity.

              1. Zach,

                You made the assertion. I should not have to prove anything.

                My God, it’s hard arguing with idiots.

  6. Jeff,

    The only names that will be published are those on the petitions. NOT the ones that go into the comparison data base. When you send in the names you want to check they are never published.

    You really need to check these things out. You make it appear as if you are trying to dissuade people from checking to see if their names are on the petition fraudulently. Why, oh why, would you ever want to do that? It was very easy to check this out.

    1. Jim,

      Who checks those names when you sign them into the database? why do they need “volunteers” throughout the country then if its that simple? How do you know they are never published or sold?

  7. Jeff,

    Go back and re-read the information at the site. People who sign up to transfer names from the scanned petition pages onto a data base which will then be used to verify those names will see nothing but those sheets from the petition.

    When one signs up to have one’s own name checked to see if it has been fraudulently put on a petition the software compares that name against those names entered into the data base. If you sign up to have your or your children’s name checked it WILL NOT, I repeat, WILL NOT be made public.

    I know you would like to scare people away from checking to see if their names are listed and I understand why, but what you aver is just not the case and people need to know that.

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