“That’s a nice pension you got there… It’d be a shame if something were to happen to it…

Walker’s “tools” apparently permit localities to blackmail police and firefighters into accepting higher pension contribution rates by threatening them with jacking up their healthcare costs.  Well done, Walkerbots!

Scott Walker's Strategy Advisor, Frank Nitti

According to the Associated Press,

The Wisconsin Professional Police Association contends local governments are taking advantage of a state budget clause that allows municipalities to dictate the form of public safety workers’ health insurance plans. The WPPA told the Associated Press that local leaders are using their new power to set up exorbitant deductibles for police and firefighters if they don’t agree to contribute to pensions.

Municipal leaders counter that they’re simply using a tool the Legislature provided them to manage deep cuts in state aid and defuse tensions over Walker’s law between police and firefighters and other public employees. The measure forced most public-sector employees to pay more into their pensions and insurance but exempted public safety workers from the requirements.

WPPA executive director Jim Palmer likened the municipalities’ tactics to blackmail.

Police officers of all people should know that if you lie down with Republican dogs, you’re gonna get small-government fleas.  And cooties…

Greenfield Police Association President Brent Hart said that under the mayor’s health care plan, one major medical complication would have meant bankruptcy.

“He…held a gun to our heads and forced us to make a decision,” Hart said.

The WPPA has challenged the budget provision in a filing with the state Employment Relations Commission. The union argues the ban on negotiating health care plan design doesn’t prohibit bargaining over who bears what portion of responsibility for premiums and deductibles.


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2 thoughts on ““That’s a nice pension you got there… It’d be a shame if something were to happen to it…

  1. Greenfield police can go suck it. Most of them are Teabaggers anyway. Check out the pictures of the Chief retirement recently on their FB page…and it seems like they hire a lot of WELS goers. Intentionally…my guess. Probably illegal if can be proven…IMO. No diversity allowed at Greenfield PD.

  2. Jim Palmer on the other hand…deserves all our support. He has been a warrior in this fight!

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