The 2010 Election was Historic

And will be discussed in the History books for years and years… It was the year The "tea party" took over the US in the form of a grassroots anti-government movement and turned most states and much of congress red. That was November 2010, by February 2011, the picture was starting to get much clearer and the American public woke up from their fog, and realized that the people we had elected to serve were Coyote Ugly!!

John Q Public realized that the ‘tea party” was not a grass roots organization but a well funded shadow organization, led by some of the most disgusting people in America. Mr. & Ms. Public found out that prior to the election many of the “tea party” politicians met with The Koch Brothers and the other shadow organization that calls themselves ALEC. They were then given their marching orders and told what to do and how to do it. Then it was up to each individual politician to enact their orders in their states. Some politicians took small steps to try and slowly get what they wanted, but others wanted the whole pie. They had blind ambition and wanted to impress their masters by being the first to deliver for their corporate masters.

It started Wisconsin when the Governor tried to quickly pass through a bill taking away collective bargaining rights for public employees. The people of Wisconsin immediately said NO! The Wisconsites said, we dated a little bit but now that we got to know you the wedding is off! The other states looked at Wisconsin and said, we do not want to get married either and took to the streets to overcome the draconian bills that were forced upon them. In Ohio they took to the streets and overturned a law that ended public employee unions. Unfortunately in Ohio they can only recall bills not politicians. In Wisconsin where Governor Walker ended collective bargaining rights for all public employees, well we know what happened here.

As bad as these two Governor’s(John Kasich and Scott Walker) are, Rick Snyder of Michigan might be worse! In Michigan they passed a law that says if a city or school district in MI "runs out of money" the Governor can appoint an emergency manager who trumps ALL elected officials.(A quick aside- there has been rumor of this bill being introduced in WI also). Now in a true grassroots effort, the citizens of Michigan have stepped up and “Michigan Forward has gathered enough signatures to suspend Public Act 4 and put it up for a referendum on the 2012 ballot.”

It is too bad that we have allowed corporate takeover of our elections, but hopefully 2010 was our wake-up call and we will demand more of our politicians and candidates(and media) going forward. It is really too bad also in these tough economic times, that we have to spend so much valuable time, energy and resources repealing these extremist draconian bills, instead of working together to move our states and country forward!


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