Tommy – Racking up the Hits

First Tommy showed up at the sparsely attended “we love Scott Walker” pep rally and called for violence against Wisconsinite's who support the recall. After that, he went to a presser and bragged about what a great job he did at this little get together.

Then his campaign emailed out another “hit”:

Dear Supporter,

Today, I want to share with you a new video from the campaign…an endorsement from political analyst Dick Morris.

Dick references the work we did in Wisconsin on entitlement reform – specifically welfare reform – and the national model we created.

Prostitute Toe-Sucking & DC Madame client Dick Morris has joined Team Tommy!!!

“I think we need Tommy Thompson there. I think that he can be counted on to be a solid, reliable conservative vote.

I guess a $200/hr Prostitute is what constitutes “conservative” in republican DC circles these days! If this keeps up, the republicans will end up nominating a serial infidel like Newt Gingrich!

Nah! That could never happen.


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