Walker gets (floor/ceiling/pipedream/fantasy) all mixed up!

H/T Jud @Uppity Wisconsin

On the day it was announced Wisconsin lost 3900 private sector jobs in the month of December:

Wisconsin lost private-sector jobs for the sixth consecutive month in December, the same period in which the nation added jobs.

According to data released Thursday by the state Department of Workforce Development, the state lost an estimated 3,900 jobs in the private sector in December from November. The United States showed a gain of 212,000 for the month, outstripping expectations of most economists.

Both sets of data are seasonally adjusted to strip out recurring fluctuations due to weather and holidays. Both sets of data are also preliminary and subject to revision.

Most of the jobs were lost in service sector industries as well as hotels, restaurants, leisure and hospitality.

State employment was essentially little changed, with an estimated loss of 200 jobs. City and county employers showed job gains in the month. Total non-farm employment, including private and all forms of public-sector work, fell 1,700.

Jud found this great Video of our Governor promising 250,000 jobs was a floor not a ceiling. This was his minimum? I guess he had no idea he would be spending his time flying around the country at private fundraisers and forgetting to do his job in Wisconsin.

I am not sure if his new name should be Governor Fundraiser or Gov Scott “Grey Davis” Walker.


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5 thoughts on “Walker gets (floor/ceiling/pipedream/fantasy) all mixed up!

  1. Berate him and shame him for doing his job. He did his job and you want him out of office for doing his job. Now with this baseless recall going on you are ridiculing him for not being able to do his job thanks to people like you

    1. Jorge, how many jobs has Walker created out of the 250,000 he claimed he would as part of his job. Please, take your time. It is not hard to find these facts out. But you will find that Walker has NOT done his job.

  2. Now, Georgie’s correct. Walker’s doing his job- screwing up the state so badly that it can’t be fixed, and has to be sold off to corporate contributors. Don’t you know how the “Shock Doctrine” works?

    To bad for Scotty and paid Kochsuckers like Georgie (and no Rich, Georgie is incapable of doing anything on his own- he’d have a real job if he did), the real Wisconsin sees right through it, and will blast Walker out of there before the damage becomes too permanent and long-term.

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