What is Wrong With Our Country?

The current Republican Party. In a follow up to my follow up to my post this morning, pointing out that the republican party is complaining that President Obama is being to divisive in his rhetoric, comes this video from Think Progress. Here is Republican Presidential candidate and former Republican Senator Rick Santorum taking questions.

Much of what The republican party and elected officials(and Fox News) does is speak in code. For Example, When they say things like “i have no reason not to believe that the President was born in the US.” when asked about President Obama and the birther stories. What that does is keeps the issue on the forefront and keeps the loons in the far right extreme fired up. It also allows the actual candidates to pretend they shot the story down, instead of what they are actually doing is keeping the fire stoked. Then when one of these deranged people actually commit a crime or perform an act of violence they can wash their hands of it and pretend they have nothing to do with it. When in reality they unleashed the hounds and are responsible when their dogs bite! Here is a perfect example of this played out in front of our eyes.

1. A lunatic incredibly mis-informed American brings up President Obama not being an American citizen.
2. Senator Santorum listens intently and you can see the self congratulatory smile he gets when he sees where this questions is going.
3. The looney lady says “he(President Obama) constantly says the Constitution is Passe'”. Instead of playing the part of the responsible candidate for president of our country and correcting this outright lie, Santorum nods agreeingly;
4. Then he agrees with her, speaking all around the extreme parts of what she said hoping that it continues to linger in the public debate.

SHAME on Santorum and SHAME on the republican party! Until the republican party steps up and stops such incredible bullshit then please do not pretend you care about the best interests of our country!


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2 thoughts on “What is Wrong With Our Country?

  1. Perhaps the “deranged” “lunatics” would not believe that he was born outside of the USA if he had not spent so much money suppressing any proof that he ever had any schooling in this country. “Why can’t we know anything about that part of his life?” they may think. “What is he hiding from us?”

    When I think of Obama why does Chauncey Gardner come to mine? Probably because both men were accepted by Washington power brokers without their really knowing where they had come from.

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