Where are the Congressional Republicans

While no one knows where they are, we do know where they are NOT – Working(In Recess perhaps?)! H/T Think Progress

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and a group of Democratic lawmakers took to an empty House floor today to demonstrate that they were willing to work while Republicans lawmakers are at home. “Where are the Republicans?” demanded Assistant to the Minority Leader James Clyburn (R-SC). Joining Pelosi and Clyburn were five other House Democrats who are assigned to the payroll-tax extension conference committee.

Rep. Jeff Denham (R-CA), representing House Republicans, quickly banged his gavel over the Democrats’ voices, and instructed the clerk to stop taking notes of the proceedings. Moments later, the microphones were silenced and C-SPAN’s video feed was cut. (The House leadership controls the cameras and has previously cut video of Democrats on the floor.

OY! Can we get a republican in 2012 who cares about the country and NOT just gaining power?


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2 thoughts on “Where are the Congressional Republicans

  1. Steve Kroft confronted Pelosi at a regular press conference after she declined an interview regarding insider trading.

    Kroft: Madam Leader, I wanted to ask you why you and your husband back in March of 2008 accepted and participated in a very large IPO deal from Visa at a time there was major legislation affecting the credit card companies making its way through the —through the House.

    Nancy Pelosi: But —

    Kroft: And did you consider that to be a conflict of interest?

    Pelosi: The — y — I — I don’t know what your point is of your question. Is there some point that you want to make with that?

    Kroft: Well, I — I — I guess what I’m asking is do you think it’s all right for a speaker to accept a very preferential, favorable stock deal?

    Pelosi: Well, we didn’t.

    Kroft: You participated in the IPO. And at the time you were speaker of the House. You don’t think it was a conflict of interest or had the appearance–

    Pelosi: No, it was not —

    Kroft: — of a conflict of interest?

    Pelosi: —it doesn’t — it only has appearance if you decide that you’re going to have — elaborate on a false premise. But it — it — it’s not true and that’s that.

    Kroft: I don’t understand what part’s not true.

    Pelosi: Yes sir. That — that I would act upon an investment.

    The Hoover Institution’s Peter Schweizer stressed that what Pelosi did was completely legal.

    “There are all sorts of forms of honest grafts that congressmen engage in that allow them to become very, very wealthy. So it’s not illegal, but I think it’s highly unethical, I think it’s highly offensive, and wrong,” he told Kroft.

    Read more on Newsmax.com: ’60 Minutes’ Uncovers Pelosi’s Insider Stock Trades
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