Look for the Union Label!

H/T Brave New Films:

The Center for Union Facts(which is a front group that stands for let’s lie about the unions) put together an ad for the Superbowl. Showed the Glamorous life of being an auto mechanic. Gold watches, spotless pressed shirts, lots of time to BS with your friends and personal mail delivery.

The problem with this ad, like everything in in Richard Berman's life, its fake. Rick has been called “Dr. Evil” was profiled by 60 minutes a couple years ago.

And Berman uses ads to drive home the message.

“You know what I love? Paying union dues, just so I can keep my job,” one TV ad says. “I really like how the union discriminates against minorities!” “Nothing makes me feel better than knowing that I’m supporting their fat-cat lifestyles. Find out the facts about union officials at unionfacts.com” “Thanks, union bosses!”

“There’s no sense in putting out a 17 page scientific report that nobody will read. So, I put out a 30 second commercial that makes the point,” Berman explains.

The problem with rich Berman is that the ads he produces are pure fiction. Thanks to Brave New Films, he recently was exposed once again during the SuperBowl.

The question I have for Mr. Berman is if you are fighting such a noble cause why must you perpetually lie. At what point did making money shilling lies for multinationals become enough money that you decided that money was more important than your son?


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