22 thoughts on “8 Darn Good Reasons To Support President Obama’s Re-Election

  1. Obama also stopped defending DOMA. He also understood the reasons why government at times needs to assist parts of the nation’s economy such as the car companies. Smart moves deserve our supportt.

  2. Why in the world should i feel happy about paying for an irresponsible womans contraceptives and abortions? and how does giving GM over to the united autoworkers qualify as “saving the auto industry”? And how does the so called “clean energy” money pit… im getting a headache i’ll leave it at that for now, but either way the op is nonsensical to the extreme… will post the rest later…

  3. “despite ‘inheriting’ the worst economy since the great depression, he somehow managed to make it even worse by driving up the national debt to 16 trillion dollars, and within his administration incurred more debt than the rest of us presidents combined”

    1. Get back to me at 8:30 am tomorrow morning when the jobs numbers come out which will make 31 consecutive months of job growth, which coincides with a GDP growth rate in the last quarter that’s better than all of Europe.

      Oh yeah, your last sentence was patently false. Like you just made it up. Or rather what Hannity made up.

      Carry on.

  4. Several things were in existence prior to President Obama taking office.
    The economy was in a mess. Companies (those who get tax cuts) were moving jobs over sees, GAS prices soared, People were having abortions, and there were already people practicing homosexual lifestyle.
    Where are the jobs? Those who got the tax cuts said they could come out better if they paid for cheap labor no matter how awful the service. And guess what, we put up with it. We talk to people who can’t understand us, we can’t understand them. They are something rude and we are sometimes rude with them. THEY HAVE OUR JOBS, they need jobs too. THEY HAVE OUR JOBS.

    GAS prices increased under the Busch administration. I know and I feel it. I have paid been $120 and $150 a week going back and forth to work. I am not among the rich and the wealthy but I contribute to them out of a need to get to where I need to be.

    We have been murdering our babies for centuries; these decisions have been at the hand of men and women in these decisions. And some of those who exercise this right are Republicans who stand before and devalue the President.

    They exist in the world just any other lifestyle. No, I do not feel that we need to make it a law to give the right to marry. President Obama didn’t tell them to marry but he did say they need a choice. Every day we make choices on how we are going to life our life. There are consequences to be paid; some by governmental decisions but all before God.

  5. Get with-it!! Obama is a great president, and if u don’t be leave ME, then look at those reasons!!!! And I’m in middle school and I know that!!!!!!!!

  6. Why I Support President Obama

    -7 percent unemployment
    -Nobel Prize Winner
    -Osama is dead
    -Stock Market above 13,000
    -college students get health care under parents
    -housing market and auto industry saved

  7. Obama also increased the national debt by about 5 trillion years something that took bush 8 years to do also not all states how the no child left behind in place because I know for a fact it is not in place in minnesota. Also you need to fact check your information Obama has only added 325,000 private sector jobs. Finally the affordable care act was just another tax americans have to suffer over

  8. Maybe women should use protection instead of depending on the government paying for there abortions.

  9. Im in middle school and this has gotten out of control. All the people who oppose obama Just simply leave this website. and to the creator of this thank you this was extremely helpful im not old enough to vote but i had a huge project and i was able to complete it thanks to you. this was extremely well thought out and put together and for those of you opposing abortion, do you want to hav to care for a 9 month pregnant woman.. do you want to spend 18 years raising a son/ daughter you didnt even mean to have (didnt think so)

    1. Okay, so you’re saying that instead of caring for a child that it was THEIR fault for should be murdered? I don’t think so. And if they wouldn’t want it just put it up for adoption! Their child (No matter if an accident or not) should be able to live a life instead of having their parents murder them.

  10. okay lets be honest, obama is monumentally better than any opposing republican candidate. obama takes criticism for things such as raising the national debt hugely, raising taxes on the rich, and obamacare, but these criticisms are utterly false. It is not obamas fault that the national debt has risen so much, it is George W. Bush. bush’s tax cuts were not a completely bad idea at the time he did it, but after he started the war in iraq (which he lied to us about the reasoning for it) he kept the taxes lowered and took loans from european countries in order to pay for the military. NO ONE HAS EVER DONE THIS IS IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD. what this tax cut did for us during wartime was increase spending monumentally and decrease government revenue just as greatly, which obviously increses our national debt. not to mention the money we owe to other countries for borrowing money to pay for “the best military equipment to keep our boys safe.” on the topic of Obamacare, it takes criticism for being another tax on the middle and lower classes. studies have shown that the cost of this by 2017 with be around 1.7 trillion, but the same studies show that we will end up with billions of dollars more than what we spend on it. Lastly, Obama has come under attack for the fiscal cliff which people say will raise taxes on all families and decrease family income yearly and what not. yet, obama has said openly that he will keep the taxes on the middle and lower class the same so they will not lose money, he will only raise taxes on the families that make $250000 annually and above. but of course the Republicans in the House will not let obama do this because they want to keep every cent of money they have because they are greedy and selfish. Overall, obama is a much better president than everyone believes he is because they believes things sources say such as fox News which is the most biased media EVER and they either exaggerate everything or completely lie about it. well ill just stop there because this is long enough, hope you enjoyed it.

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