A Shot of Mittens Irony with an Irony Chaser

Rarely does one short quote generate so much irony that we need two shot-glasses to handle it.  Listen to Michigan Mittens as he confronts a heathen Socialist from the Great White North:

Romney’s best line of the day was unscripted. A stray Canadian had driven from Ontario to ask Romney a question and in the process joked that Romney could not have his ID card for Canada’s national health-care system.

The ball sat on the tee for a long second before Romney hit it. “I don’t want it!” Romney said. The crowd roared.

The Irony Shot: Mitt Romney, who’s wife suffers from MS, has about $220 million to cover her medical care.  So yeah, he really doesn’t need it so not wanting it seems superfluous.

The Irony Chaser: Mittens lives in a state, Massachusetts, with universal health insurance!  So yeah, he really doesn’t need it.

I wonder how many in that cheering crowd could say the same?


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