And Michael Best & Freidrich Passes the Buck

I shared Senator Jon Erpenbach's letter asking for some accountability for the taxpayers from Michael Best and Friedrich in regards to the redistricting fiasco that the Fitzgerald Brothers have put us in.

Here, after a considerable wait, is the response from Michael Best and Friedrich, specifically their ethically challenged employee Eric McLeod:

February 13, 2012

Senator Jon Erpenbach
27th Senate District
Room 104 South
State Capitol
Madison, WI 53707

Re: Your letters of February 7 and February 10, 2012

Dear Senator Erpenbach,

This letter acknowledges receipt of your letters of February 7 and February 10, 2012, in which you have requested access to the files maintained by the Senate’s legal counsel regarding redistricting.

Because our client is the Wisconsin State Senate acting by its Majority Leader, Scott L. Fitzgerald, I have referred your request to Senator Fitzgerald.


Michael Best & Friedrich LLP

Eric M. McLeod

Has any business in Wisconsin done as much damage to their brand name in so short of a time as Michael Best & Friedrich has? Eric McLeod has passed the buck to Scott Fitzgerald. Don’t hold your breath on that one, Fitzgerald has no idea what streets or who the people are in his district!

Check here for another good read on this story!


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