Binversie Don’t Know A Molar From A Spud.

Kevin Binversie’s feeble provocation in todays ” Lakeshore Laments ” is probably funny to everyone but his former English teacher. ” Let the Wailing and Mashing of Teeth Begin” writes Binversie. What?

It’s potatoes that get mashed, Kevin. Teeth get gnashed.

Kevin Binversie: He don’t know a molar from a spud. Or his ass from a hole in the ground.


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9 thoughts on “Binversie Don’t Know A Molar From A Spud.

  1. But, there’s no escaping the fact that this is also a very weird headline in its own right.

    I was fascinated yesterday by Caffeinated Politics’ headline “How About This!” That’s very simple-yet-weird headline. The post is about…an aging grey-haired man possibly appearing blond (if you squint) to a lady in a bookstore. btdubs, it’s just a well-established Old Guy Thing to “charm” elderly ladies by calling them “girls” or “young ladies” or by making some remark in which a Mom or even a Grandma is referred to as a teen or college aged female’s “sister”. Old, old stuff. The old guys think they’re cute, the women feel like Mashing His Teeth.
    That a female springs forth with such bull-shittery, causing an unsuspecting male to become flustered is just a rousing testimony to the bold strides in equality we women have made.
    Anyways, how ABOUT this…
    Well, it seems to be a bunch of people gleefully jumping on each other’s shit in the most trivial ways possible. Cavorting in tribalistic hate-dances over the minor semantic errors and misspellings of their foes . Concluding that such errors are damnable proof of the inferiority and bag-of-pus-ness of the Other Guy. One M/Gn debacle and the guy’s entire life is worthless.
    Awesome stuff. I’m in.
    In fact, I make a motion that we require mandatory sterilization for such gaffes. No warnings, just one Mash/Gnash-Mash-up and we reach for those Bedouin Ball-snippers like they had in that Viggo Mortenson movie Hidalgo. Viggo is a hottie, and I have no balls already, so I am seeing no problem with this course of action what-so-ever. Let the snipping begin.

      1. You understood what Q was saying? I thought he was using that old guy trick of rambling about eighteen different unrelated subjects just to fill up the comment box. I don’t know what he’s talking about. “And this must be your sister” totally works 95% of the time.

        1. John,

          I think Q claims to be a woman. I think she meant ” snipping” as in testicles. And I might just as well have replied,
          ” I accept your apology.”

  2. Geez, Steve, you elitist. Mash, Gnash, what’s the difference?! Just HAD to have been a typo, dude. Why, just the other day, gny dentist was looking in gny gnouth, and told me that I must be mashing gny teeth when I sleep.

    Anyway, I think that you’re just jealous because Kevin Binversie is such a Spud Muffin, uh, I mean, Spud Gnuffin. . .

  3. Don’t fret, there’s ten stories on the front page of Lakeshore Laments right now, and eight of them have zero comments, and two only have comment threads because I wrote something. It appears to be a popular spot, even among conservatives.

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