Free health insurance & pension benefits for public employees?

Uh oh….looks like someone needs to read something other than Scott Walker talking points…

Here’s a question – Why should you get your health insurance and pension for free? What makes you so special?

The “you” Randy Hollenbeck is referring to would be Wisconsin’s public employees.

What’s curious is that I’ve been a public employee for over ten years, and I can’t remember a time where I’ve ever had my health insurance and pension benefits provided to me for free. In fact, the share of my health insurance and pension benefits that I’ve had to pay has steadily risen every year I’ve been a public employee, while my wages have stagnated, failing to keep up with increases in the cost of living. Obviously I can’t speak to whether or not there may have been some public employees who received free health insurance and pension benefits, but the vast majority of public employees that I know have never had free health insurance and pension benefits.

Later in his blog entry, Hollenbeck doubles down on the Republican talking points, saying,

“Furthermore, we will need to offload part of the burden of YOUR benefits off the backs of the taxpayers so you will have to pay a small portion yourself!”.

To borrow a line from Randy Hollenbeck, “Anti-intellectuals are always demonstrating how desperately they need to invent their own demons to throw stones at,” and in Randy’s case his demons seem to be public employees.


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79 thoughts on “Free health insurance & pension benefits for public employees?

  1. @ Olaf Jacobi

    Speaking of sophistry. . .

    Olaf, you wrote, in pertinent part: “Let me break it down for you, paying 6 percent is as free as it gets!”

    Free is free, Olaf. “[P]aying 6 percent is as free as it gets,” while an interesting sleight of hand, isn’t any better of any argument in your [less than] capable hands, than it was in Randy’s.

  2. @ James Booth

    In pertinent part, James wrote: “And you don’t understand. I certainly would provide those specifics. But in so doing I would compromise my business and those employees that rely on my businesses to provide for their families. I’m not kidding when I say that I have seen the blue fisters tactics first hand if you don’t walk lock step with them on Walker.”

    I understand just fine, James. Your problem is in not understanding the impropriety of relying here on “evidence” that you purport to have, but JUST can’t provide because you have a really, really good reason. That is sophistry at its worst.

    You had me thinking that you understood the concept of “evidence”. Guess that I was wrong about that.

    In any event, there has been a wealth of actual evidence provided here over time which contradicts your “just trust me” attempts to persuade regarding how the business community, the small business community, in particular, feels about Walker.

    P.S. Word to the wise. If you want progressives to pay attention to what you have to say, stop using pejorative, ‘wingnutty’ terms like, “blue-fisters”.

      1. I think I can now figure out when you’re laughing without you spelling it out. You are a giggly thing!

        And I will wait with bated breath for you to impart all your infinite wisdom upon me about how I continue to get it wrong regarding how the business community in Wisconsin feels about Walker.

        To that end, how about a “Cite off”? You steer me to all your best evidence of how terrible the business community feels about Walker. And I’ll do the opposite. You first?

        1. Nice deflection, James.

          First you say that you have evidence. Then you conveniently say that you JUST can’t provide it. Sorry, brother, THAT’S just a crock, and you know it.

          “Just trust me, your Honor.” (*laughing*)

          How many judges do you think have been persuaded by something like that.

          You want to PROVE something, James. State your case and then ACTUALLY provide the evidence. Don’t say you’ve got it in an effort to persuade, and then beg off on providing it. That’s just BS, brother, and you know it.

          All you’re accomplishing with disingenous BS like that is the diminishment of your ability to persuade anybody here of anything.

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