Halftime in America

I do not watch the Super Bowl for the commercials for a couple reasons, 1. They usually suck and 2. if they are good you will see them about 157,000 times in the next month.

Tonight was the first commercial I was impressed with since Clara Peller Asked "Where's the Beef?" albeit for different reasons. Tonight Chrysler stole the show(at least until Eli Manning engineered the game winning drive) and aired this “Halftime in America” spot narrated by Clint Eastwood.

This was a commercial touting American Made cars and the resurgence of Chrysler. They even used some footage from WI.

The bailout/saving of the American auto industry by President Obama will be a campaign issue. I stand with President Obama on this and will be interested to see who stands against him,especially Paul Ryan’s view!

We will all be awaiting the answer to Clint’s questions. ”

*What’s ahead?
*How do we come together?
*How do we come from behind?
*How do we win?

By the way, what was the hero of the right Rush Limbaugh doing while Chrysler was airing this commercial asking tough questions?

Picking his nose:


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4 thoughts on “Halftime in America

  1. A stunning ad highlighting all that America has gone thru. Granted, it was for commercial reasons. After all, it was a commercial. But it highlighted the struggles, including those of Wisconsin, and ended on a toughly hopeful note!

  2. It was a subtley political ad, and one with a message I agree with. It is amazing to me that a company would put such an ad out, and I expect the ugly voices at FoxNews to attack Chrysler.

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