Here’s Why Big Fitz Cancelled the Platteville Mining Hearing (Video)

It’s no wonder Big Fitz decided at the last minute to dissolve the Senate Select Committee on Mining and Jobs and cancel the Platteville hearing scheduled for last Friday. It certainly doesn’t seem like things went his way.

This latest debacle really underscores why Big Fitz has got to go. He dissolves a committee he created, cancels public hearings in Platteville and Ashland that he suspects are not going to be favorable to the legislation Gogebic Taconite wants, and then attempts to ram little Fitz’s God awful Assembly Mining bill through the Senate via the Joint Finance Committee. In short, when Gogebic Taconite squats, Big Fitz takes a dump.

All I can say is, run, Lori Compas, run!


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11 thoughts on “Here’s Why Big Fitz Cancelled the Platteville Mining Hearing (Video)

    1. Zuma,

      I don’t know, but I’m pretty sure there’s no one else in that district who could capture the imagination of the entire state of Wisconsin like Lori Compas.

      Like I’ve said before, I’ll drive the 250 miles from my home up north to knock on doors for her.

      And I’ll bring some friends along.

      1. I’m a big fan of Lori’s. Talk about getting back to the grassroots. If I lived in Wisconsin, I’d go knock on her door and say, “Let’s do this”.

        Has anybody done that? Has Lori said anything one way or the other?

        What a “two-fer” that would be if she were to run. The corrupt stench of Wisconsin Republican Party governance OUT. A true advocate of the people IN.

        Why don’t you go talk to her, Steve? And take your guitar. With your passion for politics and doing what’s right, as well as your ability to craft a good song, how could she possibly say, “No”, to the likes of you?

        And let her know that she has inspired people from coast to coast while you’re at it, huh?

          1. Well, all right, then.

            Just a thought – don’t forget to “call the guy”, too, a’ite?

            [h/t to “Two and A Half Men”]

        1. She’s been asked by a number of Madison media outlets, and it sounds like she’s been getting a lot of encouragement. The last time she was on Sly’s radio show (see blogroll), a few weeks ago, she was still noncommittal. I guess she’d hoped that Andy Jorgenson would do it, but he’s decided to try to stay in the Assembly (if the maps stick, he has to fight an established Republican — it might even be Steve Nass); I think he’d be redistricted out of the new district 13, which may have been one of his concerns. I don’t know how much support the Democratic Party is offering for the race, either, beyond saying “kudos.”

          It sounds like Lori’s hesitating because she was completely apolitical before all this and would be an utter novice in running for political office. It would be daunting to go up against someone who’s been doing this for years and has deep pockets, especially when that opponent has shown that he’ll stop at nothing to destroy his opposition. Grassroots are great, but you also need people who know how to organize a campaign. I think Lori could do it — she ran the recall like a pro, and it sounds like she was organizing her kid’s ski club outings at the same time — but maybe if experienced campaign hands approached her and offered help it might sway her. Maybe people already have. I’m just speculating.

          1. Big Fitz might think twice before he attacked her like he would a politically established opponent.

            Think about it. Senate Majority leader and Army Reserve Lt. Colonel (Ret.) Big Fitz smears citizen politician Lori Compas in his quest to save Wisconsin for ALEC and the Koch brothers.

            That’s a direct mailer just waiting to be written.

            1. In the one “debate” that they’ve had so far, Lori wiped the floor with him.

              Big Fitz is one fat-ass bully who already knows he’s outmatched.

              He’s going to have to be careful because he knows that she’ll nail his ass to the wall, with tact, knowledge, tenacity and laser-like precision, no matter what he says or how he says it.

              1. Zuma Bound – do you have a link to a story or video of this? I would love to see it!

                I’m in 13, and I’d support her if she ran.

          2. Citizen politicians were what this country was built on.

            In any event, I doubt there she would have a hard time finding experienced, intelligent principled people to give her a hand when and as it was needed.

            If nothing else, jut put John Nichols on speed dial.

            If there was ever a time for someone like Lori Compass, it’s now.

            Wisconsin needs you, Lori. Please step up.

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