Lori Compas to file paperwork to run against Fitz

JSOnline just broke the news that Lori Compas plans to file the paperwork necessary to run against Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald (R). I’m not sure Lori wanted this information out so soon, but now that it’s out, I’m happy to say that I will do everything I can to support her candidacy. She’s my hero!

Sara Schulz, Lisa Mux, Lori Compas, 12/2011



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7 thoughts on “Lori Compas to file paperwork to run against Fitz

  1. Awesome news, Lisa! Made my day!

    And, thank you, SENATOR Compas, for making the decision to run.

  2. A Lori Compas win would probably be the biggest political upset in Wisconsin history. People all over the state should be preparerd to contribute to her campaign with either time or money or both. And after Senator Compas wins we can all have a couple of beers and sing:

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