MacIver Outs Themselves!

The MacIver Institute bills itself as the “Free Market Voice For Wisconsin” As a matter of fact they are so proud of this they have it plastered on their website next to a picture of Dick Van Patten.

The John K. MacIver Institute for Public Policy is a Wisconsin-based think tank that promotes free markets, individual freedom, personal responsibility and limited government.

Imagine my surprise when I saw their “news report”(Term used VERY loosely) about the Schultz/Jauch Bipartisan compromise on the mining bill.

Well this turned out be an expose becuase it exposeD the lies and partisan fervor of Mr. MacIvor’s Institution…

The very first line of this expose says:

“On the Surface, the Schultz/Jauch mining bill contains nothing iron mining companies asked for…”

Huh? After a quick facepalm I finally had to come to the realization that Brett Healy and Brian Fraley have not been honest with the people of Wisconsin. Say it ain’t so! Next think you will tell me is that taxpayer dollar sucking extreme partisan attorney Jim Troupis is on their board of directors. Nevermind I do not even want to know.

Back to their massive fail. A couple quick definitions:

FREE MARKET: A free market is a market where prices are determined by supply and demand. Free markets contrast with controlled markets in which governments actively regulate prices and/or supplies.

LIMITED GOVERNMENT: Individuals differ in their concept of a limited government, but one common interpretation is that a limited government is one that levies just enough taxes to provide for national defense and police protection and otherwise stays out of people’s affairs.

So what kind of “free market, limited government” institution would advocate for a single mining company to write legislation getting everything they asked for? Why the correct answer would be none of course.

In reality the MacIver Institute is just a far right extreme partisan hack to advance legislation protecting their koch/Bradley masters while in the end harming the good people of Wisconsin.

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3 thoughts on “MacIver Outs Themselves!

  1. Healy and Free markets are fine unless it involves him. In 2010 Healy’s subdivision and neighbors received a $500,000 CDBG grant for water abatement-Flooded basements. CDBG grants are for low to moderate incomes. Healy’s subdivision (Genesee Lake Farms) averages $500,00+. But the award was made by his former bosses Waukesha Co, Ex, Dan Vrakas. The grants were supposed to be ranked-alas they weren’t. You buy a McMansion in former wetlands and have the taxpayers buy your remedies. Hypocritical BSer.

  2. The MacGruber,WMC, G-TAC crowd should just give up on this mine project. It isn’t going to happen. And these cheap smear campaigns at reasonable politicians like Bob Jauch and Dale Schultz aren’t going to change anyone’s mind up here.

    Even people who were originally very pro-mining find the Assembly bill G-TAC and MacGruber want appalling.

    I think they should go straight to a recall effort of Bob Jauch, with Shrill the Plumber at the forefront. She’ll get her ass handed to her yet again because they won’t even get the necessary signatures.

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