Obama Derangement Syndrome Burns Brightly in California!

Wow… Just wow…  Meet the cult of victimhood that is the modern conservative movement.

Obama is a socialist, said Ray Vercammen. He may be faking his so-called Christianity, said Sam Ackerman. And he wouldn’t be much of a public speaker if not for TelePrompTers, said Loron Hodge. And naturally, “big media” are out to get Republicans, added Vercammen, even though I’d just listened to nine hours of syndicated Democrat-bashing on the car radio because that was about all I could pick up.


As for the burning desire to shrink government, I asked if anyone in the room was on Social Security or Medicare or had relatives at one of the nearby military bases.

Several hands went up.


Defense, Social Security and Medicare are the big-ticket items when it comes to federal spending. Shouldn’t we start trimming there?

I got no support for that idea.

This is my constant struggle with conservatives.  When faced with the fact (yes, I know, what’s the point) that the defense budget is the largest chunk of discretionary spending, any effort to reign in defense spending or to shift it to more productive civilian infrastructure spending is invariably met by howls of pain.  How can we be the mostest bestest mightest bully on the block if we don’t spend many times more than any other nation, certainly as an absolute dollar value, but as a percentage of GDP as well.

But you can’t tell them that…  You can’t tell them anything they don’t hear from Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity or Glenn Beck.  So much of the stupidity on the right is driven by the media, I fear we’ve passed the point of no return.  These people are irredeemable in any meaningful way.  They’ve overdosed on the Kool-Ade.


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