One Conservative’s Struggle with Math

In this case, it’s my old buddy Cindy Kilkenny!  Math, alas, is not her strong suit.

Silly Cindy!

Silly Cindy!  If you divide a division, you get back to where you started!  So that means, according to The Google:

one half divided by one half is oneBy eliminating the divisive Scott Walker, we can return our divided state into a whole once again!

Where do I sign?  Oh yeah, I already did (along with one million of my close personal friends).

Thanks for the math tip, Cindy!  I’m right there with you!


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8 thoughts on “One Conservative’s Struggle with Math

  1. Seeing a trend here:

    Sen. Terry Moulton, R-Chippewa Falls, said the measure had broad support in the chamber, adding that he’s been told as a freshman senator not to question the motives of his colleagues.

    Never mind that the WisGOP has pulled the “we can’t control what the other house does” bait-and-switch before, pointing that out is divisive.

  2. Your odd and quick reply does nothing but reinforce my point.

    But then, in general not-a-democrats in this state often try to have their cake and eat it too. It won’t surprise anyone who is watching.

    Thanks for the link. 😉

  3. “Where do I sign? Oh yeah, I already did (along with one million of my close personal friends).”

    a million?? And I thought you were a fast learner.

  4. Unless I’m missing something here, Cindy K writes that it’s time for her to confess to what’s going in within the democratic gubernatorial attempt, ( as per her super secret sources) and then tells us what has been writeen openly in media and blogs since the WEAC endorsement.

    Do I need a code ring to uderstand her post? Is this some sort of highly sophisticated intra-blog intrigue and jousting? Where can a northwoods recluse turn for edification? Was she drunk when she wrote this?

    1. It was purely a play off the title of her post,

      Kathleen Falk further divides a divided Wisconsin

      I was poking fun at Cindy that it you divide an already divided number, you actually get back to a whole number. So Kathleen Falk is re-uniting Wisconsin.

      1/2 divided by 1/2 equals 1

      Nothing deep here. Just superficial word/number play.


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