One of the stupidest statements I’ve ever seen a conservative make

Here’s a comment I found on one conservative blog while I was surfing the intertubes:

Scott Walker isn’t attacking public sector workers, he is attacking the public sector leaders.

So there you have it, public sector workers….Gov. Scott Walker isn’t attacking you by taking away your ability to collectively bargain and by cutting your take-home pay – he’s attacking the leaders of your unions!

Absolutely idiotic.


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3 thoughts on “One of the stupidest statements I’ve ever seen a conservative make

  1. So is he admitting that heads of large organizations hand out the damage to employees first, and then themselves second? So he’s admitting that CEOs screw over employees and never feel the damage of their failures, and that it isn’t right. Wow, that’s quite the class-warfare socialist statement by the Walker folks, don’t you think?

    Actually, it’s a giant case of GOP projection – they screw over the little guy all the time to give the guys at the top of the chain all the benefits, so they think that unions work the same way. Just clueless.

  2. I think the statement is stunningly clueless, because Scott Walker’s attack on public employees was just that – an attack on public employees.

    Conservatives can talk all they want about “union bosses,” but the reality here is that rank and file public employees are the folks most directly (and negatively) impacted by Scott Walker’s attack on public employees.

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