7 thoughts on “Reverse Racism -or- A Fairy Tale for Conservative Children

  1. Yea, this is pretty much how it went/still goes. But, instead of trying to look for a hand from the racist bastards who kept you down, Afrikan-Americans should just go build their own shit to rule over. I mean, isn’t it always the case where once you get on the same level as them they are constantly looking for ways to either push you off or demean the way in which you struggled to get there. Why continuously go through all that? If you build your own and support others, like you, who do try to have their own, then you can set the rules and probably get much further in life. Only thing would be having to stop the jealous, greedy, hate-mongers from coming in and destroying it. It’s not reverse racism of keeping them out, it’s about learning. You try to include them, but they don’t want to see you as an equal, and instead of saying “Job well done!” they set your shit on fire, or kill you, take what you have, white your name out, and before it even dries write their name on it. Wake up. It’s time to get to work and start building your own nations, and armies, and legacies.

  2. This is such bull. Reverse racism is prominent in the United States whether you choose to accept it or not. There’s black television networks, black history months, all black colleges, all black community events, and black scholarships. If whites had anything like an all white anything, it’d be considered racist. I get livid when black people tell me that it’s “their” time and that I deserve this because of what I did to “their” people. I didn’t do $hit to anybody. I worked my @ss off to get where I am today and nobody deserves any my earnings. I’m Irish, my people were among the first slaves in the Americas, they were massacred, raped as young girls for breeding, and beaten simply because they were Catholic Irish. The Irish slaves were treated far worse than African slaves because the British colonists hated the Irish in the first place and they were cheaper. So I don’t want to hear anymore of this restitution from anyone any longer.

    1. James, you’re off the mark, and mostly because of ignorance. For instance, while there are traditionally black colleges, started because blacks weren’t allowed in most other colleges, those colleges now accept anyone. The oldest of them is Lincoln University, which graduated Thurgood Marshall, for one. While it is still mostly African American, there’s lots of white students from the local county, Chester in PA, who go there. I know. I taught there.

      Of course being at a traditionally black college does not prevent racism. in 2008 when it became clear that Barack Obama would be running for the Democrats, the powers that be in very Republican Chester County moved the polling place from the school gym to a small church two miles from campus. The day after the election I heard all sorts of stories from the students of having to stand in the rain at the far too small polling place until they got to exercise their franchise.

      As to restitution, I’m neither for nor against. As to you, I don’t care for willful ignorance.

      1. Thanks. When it comes to levels of racist ignorance demonstrated by people like JR, I simply let Tim Wise do my talking. I don’t have the patience.

  3. James Ritter, as an Irish American myself, I’d like to say, you’re an idiot. Plain and simple. You have no knowledge of history and clearly no compassion whatsoever. Please read a book. Don’t listen to what mommy and daddy taught you about “the bad brown skinned people” in the world, because they aren’t always right about everything. Think for yourself.

  4. Yes please tell me more about how the fact that my northern free soil farmer ancestors benifited from the fact that their southern slave owning competitors had free labor. Or how america was enriched by having its southern states tied to an archaic outdated agrain ecenomic system instead of becoming powerful and industrialized like the north.

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