Scott Walker, tax delinquent

This is fitting….

Gov. Scott Walker’s campaign was hit with a tax warrant last month by a state agency for failing to pay unemployment compensation taxes, records show.

In the Jan. 20 filing by the state Department of Workforce Development – which is run by gubernatorial appointee Reggie Newson – Walker’s campaign was listed as delinquent on $253.69 in taxes, plus fees and interest. Online records say the debt is outstanding.

So the next time a conservative wants to talk about one of President Obama’s nominees not paying their taxes, just remind them of Scott Walker’s tax warrant.


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3 thoughts on “Scott Walker, tax delinquent

  1. Key points: “Notices were being sent by the department to an address no longer used by the campaign.” And it was paid immediately once discovered.

    Really Zach?? You call this post, “blogging blue” worthy? Seems a little desperate to me. Kind of like chasing the last bits of cereal around at the bottom of your bowl.

    1. I call anything I write Blogging Blue-worthy.

      That’s the beauty of having your own blog; you decide what’s fit to write about.

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