Verify the Recall – Even Scott Walker does not take them serious!

This story from WisPolitics:

Gov. Scott Walker will not challenge any of the signatures filed against him because his campaign did not have enough time to review the more than 150,000 pages filed seeking his recall, a spokeswoman said.

Walker faced a deadline today to file challenges after a Dane County judge granted him a 20-day extension beyond the 10 days allotted under state law. Walker also sought an additional two weeks but was turned down.

As everyone knew, they had no ground to challenge any significant amount of signatures that would cancel the efforts of the grassroots citizens movement who spent their holiday’s gathering signatures. The recall of Governor Scott Walker will proceed, everyone knew it on both sides.

The interesting tidbit here though is the fact that the Walker campaign even knows how insignificant the "Verify the Recall" group is. This anonymous far right wing group has been busy putting up a searchable database of all people who signed the recall petitions online as quickly as possible, while also talking about the incredible amount of fraud. Since the Walker campaign itself, has now distanced themselves from this group, will they disband? what is their purpose?

I predict they will not disband, since their purpose has not been changed. They were formed strictly for intimidation of recall petition signers and that will continue.

Congratulations to the Walker campaign for not partnering with this fringe group!


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36 thoughts on “Verify the Recall – Even Scott Walker does not take them serious!

    1. They simply whine about the extra days the law gives them. No respect for the law, no respect for Wisconsinites. They are craven.

    2. You collected fake signatures. It’s not hard to make things up, and it is hard to disprove a bunch of liars… that takes TIME.

      1. Your proof, John?

        Put up. . .OR shut up, much like Verify The Recall and Scott Walker have.

        Enough with the knee-jerk and evidence-free partisan BS.

    3. Sorry Lisa, you people did not get 1 million signatures, including the duplications and cartoon characters. I am sure this site will not post the truth.

        1. Actually, the senators did submit challenges; their time came a couple of weeks ago. On the whole, their challenges were absurd and they couldn’t even get good press spin on them. I helped with reviewing the challenges, and their reviewers would claim things like missing dates that were clearly there on the page, or that a signature should be struck because it was sloppy. No one found a Mickey Mouse or Adolph Hitler. Fitzgerald did assert that one name had to be false, but it turned out that the guy’s name really was Suckow. I wouldn’t be surprised if the lack of traction on the senate challenges factored into the decision not to challenge gov petitions.

  1. So they just wanted the names. Unlike disgraced McCarthy, who demanded the names, they just scaned them.

    Is there a clearinghouse for subsequent reports of “Verify the Recall” intimidation incidents?

  2. I think it’s time we find out who these people are. As Jeff has pointed out previously, Verify the Verifiers!

    How do we know that Adolph Hitler and Mickey Mouse aren’t trying to challenge legitimate recall petition signatures? I guess we’ll never know, and in the meantime long dead dictators and cartoon characters will continue to attempt to undermine our constitutionally protected recall rights. That’s just plain sad and wrong and an outrage!

    State Senator Terry Moulton should get right on this!

    1. Why so you can call in your thugs and harass them? Just like the unions did with some companies that donated to Governor Walker. Do not forget to have them wear brown shirts.

  3. Watch for VTR and it’s Mickey Hitler antics along with the $7 million Capitol damage “estimate” and the infamous Dan Kapancke pebble in the new WisGOP Museum of Slander and Fraud.

  4. If we can’t verify the process used by Verify the Recall, who should trust them?

    Not long ago, Wisconsin Reporter released a press release touting the results of VerifyTheRecall/TrueTheVote’s entry of petition signatures into a database, claiming the results showed that Fitzgerald wouldn’t be recalled. TTR (to its credit) published their summary numbers as well as their spreadsheet database on their web site.

    Quick examination of the spreadsheet by the Recall Fitz team (and independently, by myself) showed TTR was missing about a third of all the signatures from the petitions. Hundreds of entire pages resulted in no signatures in their database, even though TTR’s PR claimed each signature had been examined by multiple volunteers (roughly six, as I recall.)

    WR sent their press release, and web sites and newspapers gobbled it up.

    I made several conspicuous blog comments about the errors; I sent a polite detailed email to several people at TTR. No response.

    A few days later, TTR corrected its numbers. They still didn’t agree with reality. They still didn’t even agree with Fitzgerald’s own numbers! And they certainly didn’t with what the GAB accepted.

    If you volunteer for VTR/TTR, they don’t explain how they’ll use your name and personal info. They were collecting names of people who wanted to assert that they hadn’t signed petitions. Such information is very valuable to campaign organizers of either party.

  5. The problem I see it is that many people on the right are so desperate for people to agree with them, that they have no standards. They will liste, to, support. work with, embrace, etc… anyone who agrees with them over an issue.

    It is sad but also scary.

    1. What I find most astounding is the ability to flip from dirty Committee to Re-Elect the President rat#%#@er tactics to nailed-on-the-cross martyrdom in a nanosecond.

    2. Standards… yeah. Standards like signing “Mickey Mouse” and “Hitler”. Settin’ the bar high on the left.

        1. John Foust,

          Where do you come off asking for evidence? That’s not how faith based politics works. Get your mind right, man. You just gotta BELIEVE hard enough.

      1. These are the same people whose standards include staging and supporting an illegal strike that kept kids (who it is all about, lest we forget) from attending school and forced working parents to miss work, forcing their candidate of choice to make a pledge that could cause the economy of the state to grind to a halt, and who supported their senators’ decision to flee the state rather than to fulfill their constitutional duties simply because they didn’t like the policies that the majority party – who, I might add, was elected to office by the people in free and open elections – was promoting.
        Yes, the right looks dirty in some ways, but the left isn’t exactly taking the high road.

    3. Jeff, just because someone does not agree with a union lead recall does not make them sad or should you be scared. The ones who had better be scared are the people that trust in the election process, but denied there scheduled vote to be counted due to a few disgruntle and very greedy union supporters. If you do not agree with me, that is fine but I live and work in the real world.

      1. I would agree with you Publius where you point out:

        “Update: Walker wants the “Verify the Recall” group to challenge signatures, but the GAB has denied his request. Walker could have submitted any of their supposed findings if he felt they had any merit. Instead, he declined and left the BSing to a third-party. ”

        I have no doubt he will try and use their craziness but i think this whole thing proves he does not take them seriously!

        1. Wrong. Walker can’t use any of the work done by outside groups because it would be a violation of the Campaign Finance laws.

          1. Nothing restricts “Verify the Recall” from publicizing their findings and then Walker using those findings, and only “Verify the Recall” says they couldn’t give Walker their findings. No court said they couldn’t.

            1. And we know from the John Doe investigation and Secret email network that Walker set up ….. that if he felt that they had something of value to his career he would have found a way to use it.

  6. With $millions in campaign donations which were allowed specifically to Walker to begin collecting upon the first fake recall petition filed against him, supposedly to allow him to defend himself in the recall process, with as many unemployed people in WI who could have been hired with a portion of that money to vet signatures, Walker has no excuse, plain and simple.

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