Wisconsin gubernatorial candidate Kathleen Vinehout is coming to Oconomowoc

People here in Waukesha County have been asking me what I know about Wisconsin gubernatorial candidate Kathleen Vinehout, and my answer has been “not a whole lot.” She seems to be an unknown around these parts. But that’s about to change. Dwayne Block has just announced that State Senator Vinehout will be among the speakers at the next  OconDems meeting.


Date: Saturday, March 3rd

Time : OconDems meet from 10am-12pm

Location: Oconomowoc Public Library, 200 South Street, Oconomowoc, 53066

Hope to see y’all there.

Kathleen Vinehout, picture from Wisconsin State Legislature

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6 thoughts on “Wisconsin gubernatorial candidate Kathleen Vinehout is coming to Oconomowoc

  1. Well among her many fine features O_o
    She’s pro-life.
    But she needed the Planned Parenthood endorsement when she was starting out. So she had a minion “deal” with them so she wouldn’t have to “compromise her beliefs” but could still get that endorsement.
    Then, once in office, PP quickly realized they’d been “had” and then spent precious money they couldn’t really spare (as you might imagine) to send out a large glossy mailer to those on their mailing lists saying they regretted their endorsement.
    How’s that for starters ?
    You could ask her about this, but that would be awkward. The truth is embarrassing, posing hard questions is “not done”, and it’s just so much easier to squeal and adore blindly while knowing jack about a person isn’t it. (then we all sit around shaking our heads wondering why our “system is broken”)
    Humans. Make no sense.

  2. I feel like I am missing information about Vineholt, and I want more before I make any judgements about her. That’s why I’m happy she’ll be at the meeting. I’ll get my questions answered. 🙂

  3. She declined to take the union bribe in exchange for promising to overturn Act 10 — I’d vote for her over Falk, just for that!

  4. Generally speaking, I’m glad that both Falk and Vineholt will be coming to Waukesha County so that we can listen to them speak, gather facts about them, and come to our own conclusions.
    I’m also looking forward to hearing from & studying other gubernatorial candidates after/if they declare. I’m not endorsing anyone until I know who the choices are, and until I have gathered enough factual information to make an informed decision. I can be overly-cautious, but in this case I think that’s prudent.

  5. I don’t mean to sound all high and mighty. I’ll put this another way: It really pissed me off when Sly took something I wrote out of context, bashed me on-air for it, and didn’t give me a chance to respond. So, I’m going to be very careful not to do that to others, if I can help it.

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