9 thoughts on “Beware of the MacIver spin machine

  1. I can’t wait to read your similar expose on Media Matters and Think Progress… oh! the outrageous outrage.

  2. Oh, I’m also interested to see your article on Redistricting and how the courts help up 99.9% of the plan as constitutional.

  3. Dustin Beilke wrote this expose, not anyone from Blogging Blue, so you could direct your comments to him, too, if you’d like? His email address is at the top of the post under his name.

  4. I just love how this blog especially Lisa has made it an obsession to go after an organization that tome and time again has shown the true face of the progressive and union controlled Democrat party in this state. The unions have been on the wrong side of ths debate since early in 2010 and the institute has brought to light the hate and nager that flows within the democrat party against those who support the savings to all taxpayers un this state. Keep up the bitterness here at Blogging Blue its a fine example to those in this state who understand what the unions are trying to once again do.

  5. Wow, someone turns on the lights and the rats come scurrying out. Quick, more rat-chow for the Wingnut Welfare brigade, call the Kochs!

  6. Instead of actually addressing the content of the posts MacIver commentators set up the “union” straw-man and attack that. Classic.

  7. MacIver can’t argue the facts on its face, which is why they try to bully this legitimate story into silence. It’s just like WisGOP tried to do to UW Professor Cronon when he exposed ALEC in Wisconsin last yer.

    What Dustin Bielke wrote was a TRUE DIRECT HIT, and that’s why MacIver reacted as they did.

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