6 thoughts on “Breaking News From BullshitWatch

  1. Lets take bets on how long it is until the right wing echo chamber goes back to referencing this guys signing 80 times again as proof of the massive fraud?

    i say ten days!

    1. The theory about the conspiracy to cover up the conspiracy is already developing.

        1. What gets me is that they think this guy is a felony fraudster 80 times over, but they’re perfectly willing to take his word on the 80 times part without blinking. Why not 700?

  2. It’s time for the staff at WISN to sit down and have a little discussion about journalism basics, things like: finding more than one source and does the story even sound plausible? Is a public apology too much to ask for?

  3. Hilarious how this magically drops on a Friday afternoon during March Madness, eh?

    We need to destroy hate radio and Milwaukee media in general for their enabling of this trash, and allowing the big lie to go on when anyone with a clue knows that it’s BS.

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