County Supervisor Haas endorses Ben Juarez for Milwaukee Alderman

From my email inbox comes news that Milwaukee County Supervisor Jason Haas has formally endorsed the campaign of Ben Juarez to represent Milwaukee’s 8th Aldermanic District.

Here’s Supervisor Haas’ statement announcing his endorsement of Juarez:

“Electing Benjamin Juarez to the Common Council will give the city an active leader who will help the city grow and thrive.” He added, “His vision and drive will help us all succeed.”

And here’s Ben Juarez’s statement regarding the endorsement of his campaign by Supervisor Haas:

“Supervisor Haas has been a great advocate for a higher quality of life for Milwaukee residents. His dedication to increase transit so everyone has guaranteed access to jobs is an essential component of a strong and modern city, and I look forward to working with him,” Juarez stated. “It is an honor to have the support of a member of the Milwaukee County Board who knows we need better representation in the 8th District of the Common Council. As alderman, I will work with everyone in the community and all levels of government to make our neighborhoods safer and more attractive for investment.”

Juarez has picked up a series of endorsements since finishing second to Donovan in the 8th District primary, having earlier announced the endorsement of his campaign by former MPS Board Member Jennifer Morales, one of Juarez’s opponents in the primary.


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