Debates: Zielinksi and Pierce, Dimitrijevic and an empty chair?

I’ve been waiting for this announcement and found it on Supervisor Dimitrijevic’s FB page this afternoon.

The League of Women Voters and the Bay View Compass have announced details for the next Bay View Candidate Forum.

Date: Wednesday, March 28
Time: Doors open at 6:30; event begins at 7pm.
Venue: Bay View United Methodist Church Sanctuary, 2772 S. Kinnickinnic Avenue

Alderman District 14: Alderman Tony Zielinski and Challenger Jan Pierce

County Supervisor District 4: County Supervisor Marina Dimitrijevic

*Bay View Compass believes that candidate for (County Supervisor) Mr. Buresh has decided not to participate at this time.

BB was asked to help facilitate an aldermanic debate by one of our regular readers but the real heavy lifting was done by the League and Katherine Keller at the Compass. My involvement was limited to contacting the candidates initially and doing this promo. I dropped a pair of emails on Mr. Buresh but did not receive a reply. Apparently he hasn’t accepted an invitation from the League of Women voters or the Compass either


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10 thoughts on “Debates: Zielinksi and Pierce, Dimitrijevic and an empty chair?

    1. Why put out more than one yard sign?

      Because the audience gets to ask the questions and a different date and venue will yield a different mix of constituents!

      Come on Aaron, you know better…

  1. The last forum was less than impressive. Constituent turnout was poor, questions were strange, and candidates would probably be more effective interviewing with papers or doing doors.

    1. Yes the questions were strange but that’s democracy at work…I am guessing that the order would have been reversed this time and the crowd would be better…and being this close to the general election, there might be more interest.

  2. Maybe the organizers are giving Bill Buresch a chance to redeem himself from his awful appearance at the last debate?? Just a thought.

  3. One of the challenges to this second forum, as I understand it, was finding a large enough venue to seat the expected turn-out. I was taken aback by how many people showed up for the first one; regardless of your choice of candidates, the 14th is clear evidence that the Wisconsin Uprising of 2011 is still alive, vibrant, and saucy–just like our neighborhood.

    Laurels to Ed for doing more heavy lifting to make this happen than he’s willing to admit. Finding a suitable venue apparently is not as easy as we think…nor, oddly enough, is getting all the candidates to participate.

    1. All I did was shake the tree…not much else…credit goes to Kathleen Keller at the Compass and the League of Women Voters.

  4. The only reason a second debate happened was because the Jan Pierce Camp wanted it. I’ve been reading the Facebook Post and the Bay View Compass and after only a few days of the first forum there were post wanting a rematch from Jan Pierce supporters. I understand why….he lost that first forum and they know it. Let’s be real….for this type of race…residents have long made up their minds on who they are voting for. This second forum actually lost him a couple of his few friends he has Facebook page. Pierce is not a good person nor is Patty Thompson his Treasurer. There are many people that have quit volunteering with the Bay View Neighborhood because of these people. To me that is a big deal. It should have been a positive experience to volunteer for and not be forced out. I have a dozen names that would speak to this. Jan Pierce is NOT the right man. I will be celebrating with Zielinksi next week!

  5. It has always been hard for me to understand the “too much democracy” argument. I get that the world’s despots, foes of freedom, and sundry dictators dislike it, but I simply don’t see it making sense in this situation.

    I attended both events. My strong impression is that BOTH candidates enjoyed themselves.

    But “too much democracy”? Not a progressive value at all.

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