Defunding The American Dream Summit

Is coming to Milwaukee!

AFP Foundation-Wisconsin is proud to announce presidential candidate Rick Santorum, Senator Ron Johnson, and Congressman Paul Ryan will speak at the Defending the American Dream Summit.

We have a sneak preview of what party – goers can expect:

Leading off the festivities is Senator Ron Johnson, who will teach everyone how to marry a rich girl, buy a Senate seat, then have your father in law reimburse you exactly what you paid for the said seat!

Second we have Paul Ryan (R- Wall St.), Ryan will teach the crowd how to vote for the biggest entitlement program in our history(Medicare part D), and still tell people that you are a “conservative watchdog” with a straight face.

Insiders tip: Get to Pink Slip Paul’s speech early, he will be handing out Packer/Badger Schedules.

Finally Republican presidential candidate will be explaining how God gives certain people the "gift" of getting pregnant from being raped and how awesome that is.

It will be a fun filled Saturday afternoon. Bring some extra money so you can get your signed copies of "the proper use of aspirin." by Foster Fries(Rick Santorum’s billionaire owner).

Finally, as an added bonus the next ten people to sign up get entered into a drawing to have a meet and greet With Michelle Malkin!

To Show what you are in store for, we have exclusive coverage of last years winner:

PS: If you see Tim Phillips near you, make sure and shower ASAP!!!


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10 thoughts on “Defunding The American Dream Summit

    1. We are probably allowed to attend, but only under special circumstances if your name appeared on the verify the recall petitions actually vetted (the ones that were not shredded or burned to “adjust,” the count). Metal detector, photo ID, full body cavity search, four hour pre-conference mandatory detention, indoctrination videos and refreshments (kool-aid) required. But if you are not concealed carry approved and already packing, you won’t get anywhere near the rest of the process, so don’t fret.

      1. Forgot to mention, cameras, or any type of recording devices evident on your person withing 1000 ft of the place will trigger extraordinary rendition, and not necessarily to the destination of your choice. Obama lent a couple of drones for surveillance duties (from the “left,” wing of the money party, you know). You do remember that the PA states that 100 miles from any US coastline and US borders is the Constitution Free, zone.

  1. Well, since this is a tax-exempt, totally nonpartisan organization, I think we all should make a point of pointing out their tax-exempt, totally nonpartisan purpose.

  2. This is a great collection of right-wing grifters and con-artists. They almost have the complete set, except for Anne Coulter, who must be well past her sell-by date. I sort of miss her unique racist, batshit-crazy stylings. Perhaps she is resting comfortably somewhere in a quiet room on a bile drip.

    The first thing that pops into my mind when I see Michelle Malkin is something I must not say…OK, here it is : Ball gag.

    Be sure to take in Paul Ryan’s seminars: “Growing up on Social Security and How to Destroy It”, followed by: “How to Live in a Mansion on a Congressman’s Salary”.

    Ron Johnson’s one-man show is a must see: “I Am John Galt…No really…I’m not kidding…Stop laughing.”

    An exchange of gifts and favors will end the day.

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