Governor Walker spent over $27,000 per fake recall signature?!

From Patrick Marley of the Journal Sentinel:

Gov. Scott Walker’s campaign paid more than $100,000 to have recall signatures reviewed by a Chicago consultant that holds private investigator licenses and specializes in anti-corruption operations, among a broad array of other services.

Walker’s campaign finance records show he paid a total of $109,255 to Navigant Consulting in November and December.

Walker spokeswoman Ciara Matthews said the firm “provided consulting services to the campaign on the petition collection and verification process,” but declined to elaborate.

The firm holds private investigator licenses in six states, though not Wisconsin, according to its website. It also specializes in efforts to detect corruption for businesses. It also has divisions that provide economic forecasting, financial advising, forensic accounting and other services.

Walker’s campaign did not challenge any of the more than 900,000 signatures that were filed to recall him. The state Government Accountability Board, which runs state elections, found four fictitious names were included among the signatures, but said they found little evidence of fraud.


Looks like Mickey Mouse,  Bugs Bunny and the gang were just bluffing about signing the recall petition…



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7 thoughts on “Governor Walker spent over $27,000 per fake recall signature?!

  1. Didn’t the MJS make a big deal about the Dems using out-of-state advisers on the recall?

  2. Thanks for your comments, but the focus of this particular post is the money spent on lawsuits, consultants, etc. and the fact that the GAB found only 4 invalid signatures.

  3. So what was the Navigant Consulting activity that cost $109, 000?
    Does Navigant have a relationship with the Chicago Legal “Cooperation” Attorney? Perhaps the time and work was actually defensive investigation or blackmail research pertaining to the John Doe investigation. (No permit to work in Wisconsin as PI?)
    Or a Republican donor pay-off?

  4. Working under the assumption that every word out of the Walker campaign is a lie, I have to ask why Navigant was paid $109,000 in November and December when the signatures weren’t turned in and available for review until January. What was Navigant doing in November and December? Were they conducting some sort of surveillance operation on the recall effort, using plants in various locations to monitor the effectiveness of the operation? Just a thought…

  5. When do donators start bailing on Walker because of stupid wastes of money like this and the fake Democrat act, and prove he’s nothing more than a dirty player with nothing to counter against the legitimate recall movement? I’ll guess May 15 if not before the May primary.

  6. Might Walker have wanted to gather intelligence on union leaders involved in the Uprising? Even though Navigant isn’t licensed to do PI work in Wisconsin they could have farmed it out to a subcontractor. I think this is possible because Navigant Consulting has done surveillance on union leaders before:

    Toronto Hydro spied on union safety rep–toronto-hydro-spied-on-union-safety-rep

    Would it be possible to see the itemized billing from Navigant?

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