How serious were Republicans on finding compromise on mining legislation? [UPDATE]

Democratic State Sen. Chris Larson asks the question:

How serious were Republicans about working across the aisle on mining? Well, they cancelled the mining meeting on Monday just after the senate split and there would have been a 50/50 voice on how to move forward. This, after they put all 3 bills on the agenda specifically to prevent them from being taken up before the end of session.

Perhaps now that they don’t hold a majority in the State Senate Republicans will learn that they’re not going to move Wisconsin forward by imposing their radical agenda without regard for those who may not share their radical views.

Here’s a satellite view of Mountain Iron, Minnesota, which is what Bellin, Wisconsin could look like once mining commences in northern Wisconsin:


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7 thoughts on “How serious were Republicans on finding compromise on mining legislation? [UPDATE]

  1. The primary problem with the massive iron mine is the resultant leaching of acid into the watershed, the acquifer and Lake Superior. I’m not sure how any sort of compromise would prevent that. Take a look at West Virginia and ask yourself if that’s what you want for northern Wisconsin.

  2. The devastation of which you speak can be found a lot closer to home than Appalachia – just go to your favorite satellite mapping site and type in “Mountain Iron, MN.” The moonscape you’ll see is bad enough without considering the very important pollution issue. Do we want rural Mellen to look like that?

  3. The TeaGOP has shown bad faith since the beginning on this issue. They never were willing to negotiate anything.

  4. I really don’t think the mine will happen. The Dems have shown that everything is about the recall and they are not going to work with this governor, comprise is something this state is unable to have. Dems refuse to work with Republicans and Republicans have come to find out it is impossible to have civil discussions with dems.

    1. dante, Democrats offered a compromise, but Republicans wanted no part of this. The failure of the mining legislation is on Republicans.

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