I Observe the Conservative in his Natural Habitat

And I am convinced that they are engaged in an epic battle with a heinous enemy called “The Democrat Party.”  I hear countless references to this evil group from politicians and pundits across the right-wing-o-sphere.  Never mind that this is a wholly fabricated entity constructed from the shit and shine-ola that pours from hate-talk radio and Fox News, they’re convinced that this is an Enemy That Must Be Defeated.

There is no political party in America called “The Democrat Party.”

It’s kind of sad…


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3 thoughts on “I Observe the Conservative in his Natural Habitat

  1. I think they do it just to annoy us. Little do they know it just makes them look uneducated. But I supposed thats a sign of pride for their side.

  2. Newspapers should correct it in their quotes to, “That so-and-so Democrat (sic) Party.”

  3. Wonder how long it took to practice saying “Democrat” Party. This gramatic anomaly should hurt the ear of an English speaker. I think they like the sound of “Democrat” because you can accent the “rat” if you care to. Generally, jimspice has it right.

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