Mine Supporters Fling Feces

Wisconsin’s Monkey Lobby weighed in on the Penokee Hills iron mine project today by sending State Senator Lena Taylor an envelope stuffed with human excrement.

Here’s a video clip of their official press conference.


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8 thoughts on “Mine Supporters Fling Feces

  1. I’m hoping to see the Republicans on here asking for an investigation, since this is illegal activity. Pete? Anyone? OK, “hoping” does not mean “holding my breath.”

  2. I looked at the comments on Senator Taylor’s Facebook Wall. The wingnuts are tripping. Dug in. According to the wingnuts, it HAD to either be some liberal lefty pinko, MIIIIIIINE-HATIN’ communist, or a unionista angry at the damn mine-hatin’ Democrats in the State Senate, who was responsible for sending the sh*t to her.

    So, to recap the wingnut position. . .

    If someone mails sh*t to a Democratic member of the State Senate, it to have come from someone on the Left because the Left is ALWAYS looking for ways to make the Right look bad, and, more importantly, IT’S the Left.

    If someone mailed sh*t to Scott Fitzgerald, whose “It’s the Gogebic Taconite way or the highway” intransigence was what actually kept a reasonable compromise on the mining bill from being achieved, WELL, of course, the Left would be responsible because, you know, its the Left.

    Wingnut logic, ladies and gentlemen. Wingnut logic.

    (*laughing*) Either the Left is a beehive/communist collective of friggin’ genius, Machiavellian, Bobby Fisher-political chess-playin’ m*therf*ckers or them wingnuts IS bat-sh*t crazy.

    Hey, I’ve got an idea. Test the sh*t. If it’s batsh*t, we’ll know who was responsible.

    In the meantime, given the well-documented wingnut propensity for engaging in acts of thuggery and juvenile behavior, I guess we’ll just have to chalk this up to just another classic case of wingnut projection and wingnuts in denial.

    The rest of us know EXACTLY who did it.

  3. Once they determine the sender it will be interesting what federal laws they get charged with…

  4. I’d have been happy to refer to pro-mining folks as
    “Badgers” but if they’re going to fling their feces at people then they’re monkeys.

  5. I’m sure Sykes and Belling and Wagner and the rest of Wisconsin hate radio will be condemning this act by their listeners on Monday, and won’t make any light of it whatsoever or compare it to any imagined acts from Capitol protestors.

    (heavy sarcasm off)

  6. Hey, Steve.

    Did ya see this?

    “Jeb Bush Endorses Mitt Romney For President”


    I guess the fat lady has finally sung, AND I don’t mean Sh[rill] Barre. (*wink*)

    Related, interesting and truly funny other stuff:

    This just in from Romney Central. Just file in the category of “You just can’t make this stuff up” (Democrats celebrating in the streets as the defining symbol of Mitt Romney’s candidacy is cluelessly announced by his campaign, and subsequently approved by Democrats everywhere):

    “Mitt Romney Platform ‘Like An Etch-A-Sketch’, Top Spokesman Says”


    Newt Gingrich (yeah, I know, WHO?! *laughing*) is punking Romney already with this one, and pretty effectively:


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