Another R Money Pop Culture (NCAA Tourney) FAIL

Mitt admits that he’s just not plugged in.  Hey, everyone knows you have to plug in your robot once in a while.  But Mitt is not plugged in on this one.  From the New York Daily News:

President Obama is notoriously mad about March, obsessively filling out his NCAA tournament bracket every year. Mitt Romney? Not so much.

The Republican presidential candidate said Tuesday he won’t fill out a bracket — an annual tradition for tens of millions of Americans — because he hasn’t been playing close enough attention.

“I’m not plugged in well enough this year to do that,” Romney told reporters in Missouri.

The real story is that for-profit diploma mills don’t have teams in the NCAA, and thus Mitt can’t say he knows some of the team owners, like he says with NASCAR and the NFL.  Yeah, this is a R Money FAIL.



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7 thoughts on “Another R Money Pop Culture (NCAA Tourney) FAIL

  1. Yeah, Afganistan, the economy, jobs…but I’m glad the President had time to fill out his bracket.

    1. Come now, that’s better than filling out a bracket! Man, other side, you have to learn to think like a Republican partisan. Here’s how. . . first go find a two by four. . .

  2. Human for filling out a bracket? Give me a break…I know plenty of folks who could not give a flying rip about brackets and the NCAA tournament.

    This just shows how “serious” issues get addressed in the CURRENT White House.

    I guess it’s a matter of priorities, and we see where the priorities lie with President Obama…Afganistan? Not now, I can’t decide which 7 seed to move forward. Jobs? Give me a break, I need to determine the final 4. I’ll get to those trivial matters later.

    Role reversal here…given the same issues and a Republican president…I can guarantee that this blog would be singing a different tune.

    1. mark1, nobody said filling out a bracket is the only way one becomes human. But for jumping to that absurd conclusion, you prove yourself a bit less than human, eh? As far as role reversals are concerned, you’re showing that far better than anyone on this blog ever has.

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