Republican Thugs: Batman Edition (Video)

From the middle of November last year until the middle of January this year, Recall Walker supporters in Hayward, Wisconsin, gathered signatures on the corner of Hwy’s 27 and 63 in the center of town. My wife Shelley and I were present on the corner many of those weekends

Not long thereafter, local republicans drove a semi-trailer into the parking lot where the signatures were gathered, with a large sign on the side of the trailer in support of Walker.

Last Saturday Recall Walker activists erected a temporary tarp in front of the sign, intended for only a few hours of visual obstruction, and this is what ensued.

Not content to be threatening in person, a commenter on the video is now threatening to ” beat the F**K ” out of whoever posted it on Youtube.

Memo to the Walker crowd: your anger doesn’t make you right. It makes you stupid.


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6 thoughts on “Republican Thugs: Batman Edition (Video)

  1. I am a retired City of Madison employee (Metro Bus Driver) and live on the Chippewa Flowage 23 mi. S.E. of Hayward, now for 14 years. I am also a retired Teamster and support the recall Walker campaign. I know this corner very well where the incident happened and even know some of the demonstrators. I signed the petition about a block away in the McDonald’s Restaurant in December.

  2. I’m Wisconsin born, bred and educated…living today in Colorado. It was very sad to watch the takeover of Wisconsin government by deep-pocketed corrupt corporate interests and their thuggish enforcers. But I am so proud to see the People of Wisconsin rise up to the challenge of these anti-democracy hacks!! America is watching your brave story…go Badgers! Throw the weasels out!!

  3. I am “Walker’s Batman” as labeled by the poster of this video. I apologize for pulling the bat. I saw that he was video taping me, did not like it, was in the heat of the moment and made a bad decision. Obviously, I regret it. I did not threaten him, nor display the bat in a menacing way. I am not being charged with any criminal acts because I did not break any laws. The Hayward Police Department confirmed this with me when they contacted me. I will apologize for pulling the bat to the poster of this video in person. I believe I held up to my end of the bargain by not touching his tarp, I asked him kindly to not post this. I was taught by very good democratic teachers in this town fair is supposed to be fair isn’t it?

    1. Walker’s Batman,

      I think it’s good you decided to post your comment, though I’d make one correction. You did say ” please” when you asked him to delete the footage, I’ll give you that. But when you got in your truck to leave you sounded threatening again, saying ” that better not end up on Youtube”.

      I’ll tell you what. Make a youtube video of your apology. Call on your conservative bretheren across the state to comport themselves with civility, and I’ll post the video here and tell everyone I think you’re a fine young man. I mean it.

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