Republicans plan to run fake Democrats in 2012 recall elections

SO much for Republicans caring about the integrity of elections in Wisconsin…

The state Republican party says it plans to run fake Democrats in four upcoming recall elections targeting Republican state senators.

GOP executive director Stephan Thompson says the move will guarantee that a Democratic primary has to be held.


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6 thoughts on “Republicans plan to run fake Democrats in 2012 recall elections

  1. Off Topic,

    WPR 4:50 PM Ben Merens said Barrett supporters have been emailed that Barrett is in for governor race.

    I am not one of those on the list, so cannot confirm.

  2. My biggest objection is the media reaction to this fraud. It’s obviously a detriment to the whole idea of free elections and Wisconsin Republicans should be soundly condemned for it. Yet, hiding behind their “balanced” approach, the media doesn’t even report the abuse correctly: e.g. as they do irregularities in foreign elections.

  3. Gannett will likely be as outraged about this as a they were about a few of their employees signing the recall petitions. Just wait, we’ll see.

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