Republicans vote against train maintenance base, waste $71.8 million

I’m beginning to wonder if Republicans in the Wisconsin legislature have forgotten that they promised to create jobs, not send them fleeing the state…

Over the objections of Gov. Scott Walker’s administration, a key legislative committee voted Wednesday against building a new train maintenance base – a decision that officials warned could mean mothballing two brand-new trains and walking away from the $71.8 million already invested in them.

The Legislature’s Joint Finance Committee voted, 12-4, along party lines not to borrow $2.5 million to continue planning a $55 million to $63 million permanent maintenance base in Milwaukee.

Republicans in the Wisconsin legislature are starting to remind me of the gang that couldn’t shoot straight when it comes to job creation, because they just keep shooting themselves in their collective feet.


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1 thought on “Republicans vote against train maintenance base, waste $71.8 million

  1. It was startling to hear the Republicans on the committee (those who actually speak, that is) refer to the train cars as “Spanish trains.” Yes, the manufacturer is a Spanish company. But the cars were being built in Milwaukee, by Milwaukee laborers, as the legislators were debating.

    And Sen. Darling reverted to her previous argument that her constituents did not want to ride a train from Madison to Milwaukee, in a short sentence mischaracterizing the entire rail construction project and neglecting the rest of the state.

    These people cannot leave our presence soon enough.

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