The Republicans are the Joke

Senator Scott Brown recently gave a speech and drew some laughs…

See the republican presidential field was not being laughed with, they were being laughed at. Even their own party knows that how crazy these four stooges are. So that being said, if you want a day filled with comedy, your in luck!

The Defunding the American Dream Tour is coming to Milwaukee. Where Rick Santorum will be the main event! So if you have an extra $50 laying around, give it over to the multi billionaire Koch Brothers, instead of say, donating it to your school or the less fortunate. Then you can hear a full day of flat out comedy, and if you pay enough money You might get to actually have the mighty Paul Ryan(R-Wall St.) acknowledge you!

Look on the bright side! Enough time with Santorum, Pink Slip Paulie, RoJo, michelle malkin, et. al… Even this guy looks good:

More on Americans for Prosperity HERE and HERE!


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