We Are Wisconsin opens Waukesha office to assist with recall effort

I first met Stephen Jansen at a Drinking Liberally Waukesha meeting a few months ago. Jansen, who grew up in Waukesha, said he was with We Are Wisconsin, a non-partisan organization working on, among other things, the Walker recall. We Are Wisconsin (WAW) was new in town at the time and looking for a place to set up shop. I’ve just learned that the search is over, and that WAW  will host an office party on Wednesday, March 7th, from 7:00-9:00pm. You’re all invited.

The party “will be an exciting opportunity for people to hear about We Are Wisconsin and to hear about some of the projects that we are working on for the recall effort moving forward. It will also be a chance for folks to see the office and meet some new people around the Waukesha area, “ Stephen Jansen stated in an email sent to area supporters.

According to its website, wearewisconsin.org, the group is a “coalitional effort composed of three distinct programs.  Through its voter education and mobilization program, it will work to educate and assist disconnected populations on voting and elections in a nonpartisan manner. As part of its grassroots lobbying program, it will empower state residents to act on important public policy issues.  And, to publicly express support for candidates, it will sponsor independent expenditure communications advocating for the election or defeat of specific candidates.”

WAW’s core beliefs are “That the economic crisis facing Wisconsin and the rest of the country has to be solved together, not just balanced on the backs of Wisconsin’s working families, that a strong middle class is good for Wisconsin, (and) that lawmakers need to listen to their constituents’ concerns regarding extreme cuts to education, public safety, health care and the environment.”

We Are Wisconsin’s shiny new office will be located at 916 Clinton Street, just down the road from the Organizing for America office and the Waukesha Walker Recall Office, near the stoplight at the Waukesha State Bank.

I’ll be at the party to welcome Stephen Jansen back to Waukesha and to celebrate the fact that there will be yet another liberal influence in Waukesha County. See you there.



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