WI GOP Can’t be Trusted

Fresh news from this afternoon.  No, Republicans in Wisconsin can’t be trusted even to live up to a contract.  From the Journal Sentinel:

Over the objections of Gov. Scott Walker’s administration, a key legislative committee voted Wednesday against building a new train maintenance base – a decision that officials warned could mean mothballing two brand-new trains and walking away from the $71.8 million already invested in them.

The Legislature’s Joint Finance Committee voted, 12-4, along party lines not to borrow $2.5 million to continue planning a $55 million to $63 million permanent maintenance base in Milwaukee.

. . .

The committee vote means state officials now must try to renegotiate the deal with Talgo. If they can’t reach agreement, the issue could go to mediation and may eventually end up in court, Democratic legislators warned.

Money already spent wasted.  Jobs lost.  And litigation headed down the rails, which will cost the State of Wisconsin even more money.  All because the Republicans in government in Wisconsin can’t be trusted to uphold a contract.  The ones in charge there at the Joint Finance Committee?  Alberta Darling and Robin Vos.  Send them a note, willya?

If I were Talgo, I would call up some fine lawyers and fight.  As to us voters, it’s time to recall some legislators.


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3 thoughts on “WI GOP Can’t be Trusted

  1. Is this possibly an official signal/recognition that Walker’s own cohorts are jockeying for his soon to be vacated position (so good riddance, loser, don’t tell me what to do anymore) a power shuffle to out-austerity the falling king of nothing. Hate to keep using the analogy, but it fits, someone is getting voted off the island (or going directly to jail, do not collect $200 dollars) old alliances, past loyalty are just that, those still standing need to get on and prove how contrary to their stated promises (jobs, jobs, jobs) they can be to please the, “base.”

    There has to be $2.5M in that mortgage fraud forgiveness bribe from Holder and Obama (Walker already took $34M) to keep a study going. I’m guessing some other reason than merely wasting money already invested in the future of the state.

    1. It almost surely means that facility won’t be built, Ingrid, and that the jobs that were to be created will go in the toilet right alongside that $71MM.

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