Yes and No

John Torinus has a fairly good take on the legislative collapse of the ferrous mining bill, rightly pointing out that Gogebic Taconite President Bill Williams and the GOP legislature’s ramrod approach was responsible for the failure of the bill. Most appreciated is Torinus’ closing quip ” President Williams gets paid to mine not whine” which is reminiscent of some of the pro-mining signage that appeared throughout the Hurley area in the early stages of the debate that read, ” Stop Whining, Start Mining.”

But then, after getting off to a good start in the first 2/3 of his piece, Torinus, ironically, just can’t help himself and plays the very politics he accuses the democrats of playing.

Another reality is that hyper-partisan politics played a major role in the negative outcome. Private sector unions went to bat for the mine, but clearly the Democratic honchos and the public union leaders didn’t want to give Gov. Walker and the Republicans a job creation victory prior to the June recall elections. They want Walker out and collective bargaining and union dues collection back so bad that they were willing to take the heat for coming off as anti-jobs.

That’s pretty cynical politics, and it had nothing to do with the environmental issues.”

That’s a stunningly ridiculous statement. Throughout the majority of the piece Torinus lays out exactly, and in convincing detail, why the bill failed and who was responsible: Gogebic Taconite and the GOP legislature. He points out that G-TAC failed to tell the public how the company would manage environmental concerns. Those concerns were the focus of the Schultz/Jauch compromise, which would have passed had it been given a vote. There was no playing politics from the Dems and Schultz at all, they just stood strong on behalf of Wisconsin’s natural resources and public opinion.

Torinus tosses in his condemnation of the democrats like it was something he copied and pasted out of a talking points email, which is………wait for it…… playing politics.

So, keep up the good analysis, John. On your own you have a talent for getting to the heart of things. Maybe next time you should ignore that email in your inbox?


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  1. Steve, are you really as underiformed as you sound? I am a graduate of UW and have a masters in political science. I have worked on a dozen elections over 15 yrs. You just don’t know what your talking about and people are questioning your education with each other over e mail. Do you even have a college degree? Even high school? Jacob

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