A Powerful Chart of Wisconsin’s Job Deficit

Spotted on Twitter (h/t @BumblingBeard)

If Wisconsin had tracked the overall US job growth trajectory (i.e. simply been average), we should have 64,000 more jobs than we have now.  That’s a huge gap!


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2 thoughts on “A Powerful Chart of Wisconsin’s Job Deficit

  1. Does this mean that Governor Walker will have to create 314,000 (250,000 + 64,000) new jobs by either 06/05/12 or 12/31/14 in order to fulfill his top priority of “jobs, jobs, jobs)?

  2. Scott Walker has already failed. He took away buying power from several sectors of the Wisconsin population, and by taking away buying power he has crippled small businesses in the state. He is a failure and will remain so, even if he wins the recall election.

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