An old-fashioned throwdown

One that takes, like, a week, like it’s a correspondence game of twitter or something.

The story is this:  I teach high school.  I’m kind of proud of what I do, where I work, my colleagues and my students and the like.  This guy comes along and besmears my school, so I respond here, in tonight’s internet and tomorrow’s Milwaukee Journal Sentinel dead-tree edition, available wherever Milwaukee Journal Sentinels are sold.  Every edition you buy changes nothing, as submitted op-eds like mine get no remuneration.  But there’s probably stuff in there about “Dancing with the Stars,” too, so whatever.

Anyway, as I was saying, throwdown.  What I could really use is later, when the illiterati in the comments section start calling me a union thug and tossing thinly veiled racist slurs about my students, is if you could smack that down a bit.  Thanks.


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