Day 2, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Holds Recall Election Hostage

On Sunday April 15th, I discussed the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s complete disregard for Democratic gubernatorial candidates Senator Kathleen Vinehout and Secretary of State Doug La Follette when publishing their lengthy article on where Ms. Falk and Mayor Barrett stood on unions and collective bargaining.

Well here we are on Day 2 of the hostage crisis with lead kidnapper Jason Stein doubling down on keeping you in the dark on the recall campaign. Again granted a front page showcase, this recall election article does a time honored compare and contrast on Ms. Falk’s and Mayor Barrett’s position on taxes. The article is titled ‘Falk, Barrett scrutinize taxes‘. And again this article continues on the inside and all told is probably a half page of ‘journalism’. But with all of that, here is the sum total of the discussion on the tax positions of Sen. Vinehout and Sec. of State La Follette:

The new details show one key aspect of how Falk and Barrett would govern if one of them defeats Walker in the June 5 general recall election. Also running in the Democratic primary are state Sen. Kathleen Vinehout of Alma and Secretary of State Doug La Follette.

So…why aren’t we getting any coverage on two of the candidates in the Democratic primary? These aren’t crackpot wannabes here, these are two respected elected officials who are certainly more qualified to be governor than the incumbent!

And wouldn’t it be a scream if either of the ‘unknown’ candidates won the primary and went on to beat Governor Walker?

Frankly, the public and the paper would have been far better served with a few paragraphs about Sen. Vinehout and Sec. of State La Follette rather than the prurient special interest piece on the next page: ‘Circumcised man sues hospital’! (btw: the MJS wisely didn’t post this nonsense piece on their website – but here it is if you need the backstory – LOL)


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2 thoughts on “Day 2, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Holds Recall Election Hostage

  1. Spot on with this. I’ve been grumbling over it myself because Vinehout and LaFollette have some interesting perspectives and are both dynamic individuals who deserve an apology for the way they’ve been marginalized by MJS. Truly shameful on the part of MJS. But, yet more evidence that what we need is a source of publically funded media that will serve the public interest.

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