From the Barrett campaign:

As new finance numbers in the 2012 Wisconsin gubernatorial primary election are released today, Barrett for Wisconsin provides an analysis of the daily fundraising averages from each of the campaigns. This metric showcases the strength of Barrett’s campaign with an apples-to-apples comparison. This context shows clearly Barrett has the momentum going into the final week of the primary election.

Tom Barrett raised on average $30,000 a day over three and a half weeks, yielding for $750,000 for the period.
Kathleen Falk raised on average $10,416 a day over three and a half months, for a total of $1 million for the period.
Kathleen Vinehout – Finance numbers not yet available.
Doug Lafollette – Finance numbers not yet available.
Additional notes –

Barrett started the gubernatorial election with NEARLY $500,000 cash-on-hand. This is not included in the $750,000 total.

99% of Barrett’s donations come from individuals.

90% of the contributions were $100 or under.


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