From our friends at Emerge Wisconsin:

Emerge Wisconsin is proud to host Emerge Kentucky Founder and Author of “Pink Politics” Kathy Groob.

“Pink Politics” is a practical guide just for women running for
or even thinking about running for office.

Join us on Wednesday, April 25th
5:30 PM – 7:30 PM

in the Historic Third Ward
345 North Broadway, Milwaukee

Did you know that the WI Legislature has NEVER had over 30% women or that women are EXTREMELY underreprested in local offices across Wisconsin – Yet we are 50% of the population?

Support our Work and
Help us turn Wisconsin Pink!!!
Host Committee Members: Emily Bell, Karen Campbell, Dorothy Dean, Lashell Drake, County Supervisor Nikiya Harris, Noelle Joers-Yanisch, Melissa Lemke, Mary Mitchell, Bethany Ordaz, Sara Rogers, Heather Ullsvik Loomans

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  1. Who Actually Showed Up?

    After about a month of standing invitations to all three, then an extension to the fourth gubernatorial candidate when he declared, I was very happy to see and hear two of them who accepted the county D party invitation this past week. Mr LaFollette and Ms Vinehout attended and both spoke eloquently and emphatically and took the time to answer all questions. It is a shame that we cannot pick two in the primary and that they are both running for the same office. As this was a local party sponsored free buffet in a rural area and not a $200 a plate single candidate sponsored promotion(the reason I suspect that neither of the other two candidates showed) I have narrowed my potential choices in the primary by half. One of them is a very energetic, well spoken and intelligent woman.

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